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Top 10 clinical decision support system vendors

It wasn’t so long ago that providers had to go out of their way to track down answers to vital patient care questions. Clinicians who faced questions on the latest best practices, for example, would spend hours in the library to identify and reference research papers that often weren’t readily available.

Fortunately, clinical decision support (CDS) systems now give clinicians immediate access to critical information on best practices.

What is a clinical decision support system?

Clinical decision support systems provide timely information to guide decisions about a patient’s care. CDS systems help clinical teams by managing certain tasks, warning of potential problems, or providing care suggestions for the team to consider.

By recommending evidence-based best practices related to patient information found in electronic health records (EHRs), CDS systems can present the clinician with insights tailored to the patient.

Top 10 clinical decision support system installs by market share

Rank Vendor # of Installs % Market share Explore dataset
Epic Systems Corporation 1,893 24.78% Explore
Change Healthcare 1,310 17.15% Explore
Oracle Cerner 1,309 17.14% Explore
MEDITECH 684 8.95% Explore
Evident a CPSI Company 446 5.84% Explore
Zynx Health 326 4.27% Explore
Altera Digital Health a Harris Company 264 3.46% Explore
MEDHOST 191 2.50% Explore
Wolters Kluwer 128 1.68% Explore
10 MCG Health 114 1.49% Explore

Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product. Data is proprietary and updated on a continuous basis. Data is accurate as of January 2023.

Which clinical decision support system has the largest market share?

Epic Systems Corporations is the leader in the clinical decision support system market with approximately 25% market share. Change Healthcare and Oracle Cerner are tied for second place with approximately 17% market share. MEDITECH comes in third place with approximately 9% market share.

The market is dominated by the top three vendors. Epic, Change Healthcare, and Oracle Cerner hold approximately 59% of the overall clinical decision support system market. Outside of the top three vendors, market share drops considerably for the remaining vendors on the list.

What are the benefits of using CDS systems?

  • Improvements in care processes: CDS systems can present the clinician with patient-specific knowledge by leveraging evidence-based best practices based on EHR data.
  • Improved clinical outcomes: CDS systems can deliver alerts to keep the clinical team informed on the latest clinical guidelines.
  • Reduced cognitive burden: Easy access to relevant information can decrease cognitive load and administrative burden.
  • Cost savings: Health systems can cut costs with less adverse clinical events and more efficient time allocation by physicians.
  • Reducing unwanted variability in care: CDS systems help clinicians understand standard care paths based on current medical literature.


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