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Top hospitals in New Mexico by net patient revenue

With 2.1 million people living within its borders, New Mexico is the 36th-most populous state in the U.S. The Land of Enchantment is home to 67 hospitals and 26 integrated delivery networks (IDNs), according to Definitive Healthcare data.

Below, we have compiled a list of the top 15 hospitals in New Mexico based on net patient revenue (NPR) using HospitalView. NPR offers a peek into a hospital’s financial performance by showing how much money it generates through patient services from sources such as commercial insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare.

New Mexico hospitals with the highest net patient revenue 

Rank NM hospital name City Definitive ID Net patient revenue # of discharges # of staffed beds Explore dataset 
Presbyterian Hospital Albuquerque 2708 $1,388,848,983  37,960 453 Explore
University of New Mexico HospitalAlbuquerque 2706 $1,306,784,709  23,865 451 Explore
CHRISTUS St Vincent Regional Medical Center Santa Fe 2741 $554,345,965  10,860 189 Explore
San Juan Regional Medical Center Farmington 2738 $346,932,388  10,619 191 Explore
Lovelace Medical Center Albuquerque 2707 $338,364,899  11,563 286 Explore
Memorial Medical Center Las Cruces 2718 $322,692,678  8,470 199 Explore
MountainView Regional Medical Center Las Cruces 2719 $262,246,349  7,841 168 Explore
Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center Alamogordo 2734 $245,946,571  3,164 66 Explore
Lovelace Womens Hospital Albuquerque 2709 $198,803,569  6,799 162 Explore
10 Nor-Lea Hospital District Lovington 2724 $131,469,639  362 25 Explore
11 Eastern New Mexico Medical Center Roswell 2713 $117,836,536  4,696 120 Explore
12 Plains Regional Medical Center Clovis 2717 $113,347,888  2,592 100 Explore
13 Carlsbad Medical Center Carlsbad 2721 $109,222,309  1,845 62 Explore
14 UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center - A Campus of UNM Hospital Rio Rancho 560402 $104,508,039  3,382 60 Explore
15 Presbyterian Santa Fe Medical Center Santa Fe 873536 $95,032,631  1,742 36 Explore

Fig. 1. Data is from the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product. Data is accurate as of April 2024.

What New Mexico hospitals have the highest net patient revenue?

The New Mexico hospital with the highest net patient revenue is Presbyterian Hospital, with an NPR of $1.38 billion. This not-for-profit healthcare facility is currently the largest in New Mexico, but just barely, having only two more beds than the next largest hospital. However, it intends to hold onto the title of New Mexico’s largest hospital by constructing an 11-story patient care tower that will bring its private room capacity to 600.

U.S. News & World Report has ranked Presbyterian Hospital as the #1 hospital in New Mexico and as high-performing in 12 procedures and conditions. It has also received gold-level accreditation for pain and addiction care from the American College of Emergency Physicians for its innovative and evidence-based programs.

The hospital with the second highest NPR in New Mexico is the University of New Mexico Hospital (UNM Hospital), with an NPR of $1.3 billion. It is the only academic health center in New Mexico and the main teaching hospital for the UNM School of Medicine, allowing this facility to bring patients the cutting edge of medical technology, research, and clinical trials. UNM Hospital also houses the only level I trauma center in New Mexico and NM’s only dedicated children’s hospital.

Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center has the third-highest net patient revenue in New Mexico, with an NPR of $554 million. Its hospital and outpatient clinics allow those in north-central New Mexico access to 39 services and specialty care lines. This hospital has the third-highest NPR despite having less than 200 beds, which is less than half the number of the top two hospitals on our list.

Boost your healthcare commercialization strategy with New Mexico NPR

If you are interested in selling into the healthcare industry in New Mexico, understanding the state’s hospital landscape can help guide your decision-making. In particular, knowing which New Mexico hospitals have the highest NPR can help you size the market, align sales territories, or make strategic investment decisions.

The locations of the top-earning hospitals can also be valuable information for your commercialization strategy. For instance, in New Mexico, the top two hospitals are located in Albuquerque, and when looking at the top 15 hospitals in New Mexico, 57% of the NPR is from hospitals located in Albuquerque. Want a look at how New Mexico hospitals compare to the rest of the nation? Discover the top hospitals in the U.S. by NPR.

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