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Top 50 Hospitals by Net Patient Revenue

Until the 20th century, most Americans did not go to hospitals for diagnosis or treatment of illnesses. Patients were treated in their own homes, with the exception of those with no relatives or who were already near death. It wasn’t until the late 1890s, when medical technology advanced and gave physicians improved ability to diagnose patients and control infectious disease, that hospitals became attractive to the general public. Even then, it was only wealthier families that turned to hospitals for care.

Now, in 2019, hospitals are the primary care centers for the majority of Americans. Hospitals are home to care providers of various specialties as well as advanced diagnostic technology, and account for approximately one-third of all medical spending in the U.S.—about $1.1 trillion.

Despite the massive amount Americans are spending at hospitals, admissions have dropped over 10 percent in the past 35 years. Rather than not having any options, patients and families have a plethora of care centers to choose between: from retail clinics to outpatient surgery centers, home health agencies to assisted living facilities. Additionally, although hospitals have sufficient resources to treat most patients, Americans are increasingly wary of the environment. Rather than being centers of recovery, many patients associate hospitals with stress and mortality. As technology improves and alternative care centers become increasingly efficient, hospitals will likely downsize or convert to focus on specific inpatient and emergency department services.

Many hospitals are bringing in billions of dollars in net patient revenue. All of the top ten hospitals reported a 2017 net patient revenue of over $3 billion (up from 7 of 10 in 2016), and all of the top 25 brought in more than $2 billion (up from 22 of 25 in 2016). Combined, the top 50 hospitals earned more than $123 billion in net patient revenue.

Top 50 Hospitals by Net Patient Revenue

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 Hospital NameNet Patient RevenueTotal RevenuesStaffed BedsExplore This Dataset
1.New York-Presbyterian Hospital at Weill Cornell Medical Center (NY)$5,340,902,266 $5,616,461,647 862Explore This Profile
2.Cleveland Clinic Main Campus (OH)$4,858,709,504 $6,118,911,406 1,266Explore This Profile
3.Stanford Hospital (CA)$4,132,132,686 $4,378,160,909 447Explore This Profile
4.NYU Langone Tisch Hospital (NY)$4,101,296,000 $4,448,505,796 725Explore This Profile
5.UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center at Parnassus Heights (CA)$3,620,962,130 $3,807,905,052 782Explore This Profile
6.University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (TX)$3,480,505,919 $3,961,976,800 674Explore This Profile
7.Vanderbilt University Medical Center (TN)$3,442,776,569 $4,135,044,535 626Explore This Profile
8.AdventHealth Orlando (FL)$3,432,794,596 $3,706,284,602 2,626Explore This Profile
9.University of Michigan - University Hospital (MI)$3,296,778,854 $3,537,668,362 931Explore This Profile
10.Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CA)$3,140,742,831 $3,591,834,597 880Explore This Profile
11.Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (NY)$2,922,980,827 $3,667,269,877 473Explore This Profile
12.Massachusetts General Hospital (MA)$2,903,757,623 $4,072,847,623 987Explore This Profile
13.Yale New Haven Hospital (CT)$2,749,659,018 $3,025,645,807 581Explore This Profile
14.Montefiore Hospital - Moses Campus (NY)$2,728,344,000 $3,626,537,000 1,449Explore This Profile
15.IU Health Methodist Hospital (IN)$2,634,217,338 $4,333,584,135 1,230Explore This Profile
16.Baystate Medical Center (MA)$2,545,278,066 $2,648,852,951 696Explore This Profile
17.Mount Sinai Medical Center (NY)$2,467,873,137 $2,610,295,555 1,009Explore This Profile
18.Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (PA)$2,448,160,000 $2,783,055,001 722Explore This Profile
19.Lehigh Valley Hospital - Cedar Crest (PA)$2,368,735,849 $2,523,947,055 1,007Explore This Profile
20.Duke University Hospital (NC)$2,339,265,283 $2,405,497,870 954Explore This Profile
21.Orlando Regional Medical Center (FL)$2,319,178,866 $2,549,700,083 808Explore This Profile
22.Mayo Clinic Hospital - Saint Marys Campus (MN)$2,313,337,795 $2,330,430,279 1,186Explore This Profile
23.Carolinas Medical Center (NC)$2,283,129,668 $2,895,839,106 1,084Explore This Profile
24.Brigham and Womens Hospital (MA)$2,257,366,198 $3,095,466,198 804Explore This Profile
25.Long Island Jewish Medical Center (NY)$2,222,706,644 $2,868,055,575 524Explore This Profile
26.University of California Davis Medical Center (CA)$2,172,615,324 $2,132,575,905 586Explore This Profile
27.Northside Hospital Atlanta (GA)$2,081,577,841 $2,374,035,362 536Explore This Profile
28.The Johns Hopkins Hospital (MD)$2,041,319,447 $2,422,823,000 1,007Explore This Profile
29.Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (PA)$2,020,908,385 $2,072,634,103 541Explore This Profile
30.Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital (MI)$2,009,495,322 $2,062,098,572 1,078Explore This Profile
31.University of Kansas Hospital (KA)$1,975,125,402 $2,193,902,682 831Explore This Profile
32.Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OH)$1,943,404,796 $1,992,213,310 956Explore This Profile
33.Strong Memorial Hospital (NY)$1,936,245,333 $1,979,633,332 717Explore This Profile
34.Texas Childrens Hospital (TX)$1,921,106,127 $2,292,541,765 795Explore This Profile
35.Barnes-Jewish Hospital (MO)$1,894,251,543 $1,970,410,825 1,225Explore This Profile
36.UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital (CO)$1,873,879,464 $1,886,784,288 634Explore This Profile
37.Henry Ford Hospital (MI)$1,862,863,623 $1,985,828,062 682Explore This Profile
38.University Hospital (WI)$1,861,601,000 $1,900,288,000 599Explore This Profile
39.Norton Hospital (KY)$1,860,274,286 $1,870,503,186 340Explore This Profile
40.UPMC Presbyterian (PA)$1,849,820,096 $2,110,068,704 1,181Explore This Profile
41.UNC Medical Center (NC)$1,846,906,307 $1,975,190,702 771Explore This Profile
42.UC San Diego Medical Center - Hillcrest (CA)$1,842,794,494 $1,951,380,453 381Explore This Profile
43.North Shore University Hospital (NY)$1,826,917,278 $2,687,626,919 764Explore This Profile
44.Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (CA)$1,785,028,754 $1,995,239,741 445Explore This Profile
45.Methodist University Hospital (TN)$1,766,467,690 $1,953,693,595 617Explore This Profile
46.Northwestern Memorial Hospital (IL)$1,745,967,766 $2,094,008,391 883Explore This Profile
47.Christiana Hospital (DE)$1,740,416,567 $2,080,777,680 906Explore This Profile
48.University Hospital (UT)$1,729,555,480 $1,759,863,550 472Explore This Profile
49.Rush University Medical Center (IL)$1,696,845,816 $2,074,624,760 576Explore This Profile
50.UH Cleveland Medical Center (OH)$1,695,760,058 $1,816,759,320 599Explore This Profile

Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare based on 2017 Medicare SAF data (most recent available), released in fall 2018. Calendar year 2018 data will be released in fall 2019. Because hospital fiscal years end at varying times throughout the calendar year, some data may not be precisely aligned.

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