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Top 20 medical schools attended by California doctors

Medical students go through rigorous training to become physicians. The clinical and non-clinical coursework involved in medical school programs helps students learn how to provide optimal patient care.  

Below, we rank the top 20 most common medical schools attended by doctors practicing in California. 

Top medical schools attended by physicians in CA

RankMedical schoolCount of NPIPercentExplore dataset
1University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine2,3994.20%Explore
2University of California, Geffen School of Medicine2,1843.80%Explore
3Loma Linda University School of Medicine2,1183.70%Explore
4University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine2,0113.50%Explore
5University of California, San Diego School of Medicine1,7353.00%Explore
6University of California, Davis School of Medicine1,6252.80%Explore
7University of California, Irvine, California College of Medicine1,5582.70%Explore
8Stanford University School of Medicine1,0951.90%Explore
9Southern California College of Optometry1,0511.80%Explore
10New York Medical College8851.60%Explore
11Los Angeles College of Chiropractic7611.30%Explore
12Harvard Medical School7581.30%Explore
13George Washington University School of Medicine7231.30%Explore
14Palmer College Chiropractic - West Sunnyvale6831.20%Explore
15University of California, UCLA School Of Medicine6821.20%Explore
16University of California - School of Optometry6731.20%Explore
17Tufts University School of Medicine6561.10%Explore
18University of Michigan Medical School6471.10%Explore
19Boston University School of Medicine6261.10%Explore
20California School of Podiatric Medicine6201.10%Explore

Fig. 1 Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s PhysicianView product. Data accessed November 2022.

Which medical school is most common among physicians in CA?

University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine is the top medical school on our list, with 2,399 providers listed as alumni and 4.2% of the total share of medical schools for California physicians.  

Next is the University of California, Geffen School of Medicine, with 2,184 providers and 3.8% of the total share. Close behind is Loma Linda University School of Medicine, with 2,118 providers and 3.7% of the total. 

Not surprisingly, more than half of the medical schools on the list are based in California. 

What is medical school?

Medical school provides the formal training students require to become practicing medical doctors (MDs). It typically takes four years to complete medical school.  

Upon the completion of studies, doctors will go on to medical residency, which is the clinical training among or within medical specialties, like primary care or cardiology. The length of residency depends on the specialty that the doctor chooses. For example, family practice is around two years, and surgery is typically at least five years. 

How many medical schools are in California?

California is home to 16 total medical schools: 13 medical doctor (MD) schools, and three doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) schools. 

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