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Top 10 Medicare shared savings program ACOs

The Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) was launched in 2012 to test the effectiveness of value-based care models in reducing costs and improving outcomes. Currently, 955 accountable care organizations (ACOs) participate in the program.

The following table lists the top performing ACOs by earned shared savings payments/losses.

Top 10 ACOs by shared savings earned

RankDefinitive IDACO nameStateEarned shared savings payments/lossesExplore dataset
1552157Palm Beach Accountable Care OrganizationFL$61,910,047 Explore
2800687Baylor Quality Health Care Alliance LLCTX$61,050,959 Explore
3583229Privia Quality Network LLCVA$41,642,013 Explore
4963485Steward National Care Network IncMA$34,490,236 Explore
5552160Advocate Physician Partners Accountable CareIL$27,884,292 Explore
6800813USMM Accountable Care PartnersMI$25,813,466 Explore
7574708Keystone ACOPA$25,631,242 Explore
8903939Banner Health Network ACOAZ$25,580,705 Explore
9552206Mercy Health Select ACOOH$25,394,341 Explore
10903925Aledade Accountable Care 16MD$25,267,117 Explore

Fig. 1  Data from the Definitive Healthcare ConnectedCareView product. ACO data is sourced from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and proprietary research. Data accessed January 2023.

Which ACO ranks highest for shared savings earned?

Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization ranked first for shared savings earned, with $61,910,047 in savings payments. Close behind in second place is Baylor Quality Health Care Alliance LLC, with $61,050,959 in savings. And coming in third, significantly below the first two ACOs, is Privia Quality Network LLC, with $41,642,013 in savings.

Unsurprisingly, six of the 10 ACOs on this list also made our list of the top 25 ACOs by gross savings.

What is an ACO?

Founded in 2011 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), ACOs, or accountable care organizations, are groups of healthcare providers that work together to care for certain patient populations. ACOs deliver coordinated care that helps healthcare providers—like hospitals and physicians—improve patient satisfaction, improve population health, and reduce per capita healthcare costs.

What is the Medicare Shared Savings Program?

The Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) enables suppliers and healthcare providers to establish an ACO and deliver high-quality, efficient, affordable, and coordinated care to patient populations.

When did the Medicare Shared Savings Program start?

The Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) program started in 2012, one year after ACOs were created. The MSSP initially started with two tracks, Track 1 and Track 2. In 2016, Track 3 was added, followed by Track 1+ in 2018. These tracks represent levels of participation that reflect the amount of risk an ACO takes on in caring for an assigned Medicare fee-for-service population.

Medicare Shared Savings Program results

As supported in our table above, many ACOs that participate in the MSSP are successful in saving earnings. Across the top 10 list, the ACOs collectively saved more than $350 million, with an average savings of $35,466,442 per ACO.

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