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Top 15 population health management system vendors by installations

Population health management (PHM) is the process of delivering better care outcomes for specific patient cohorts or entire populations through targeted care coordination and patient engagement.

PHM software systems combine clinical, financial, and operational data to equip providers with the insights necessary to care for unique patient groups defined by geography, therapy areas, and other criteria.

Keep reading to see the top 15 PHM system vendors by volume of facility installations.

Top PHM system vendors by facility installations

RankVendorFacility installationsExplore dataset
1Epic Systems Corporation2119Explore
2Oracle Cerner701Explore
8Philips Healthcare62Explore
13Evident, a CPSI Company33Explore
14Health Catalyst29Explore
15Realyze Intelligence22Explore

Fig. 1 – Data is from the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product. Data are accurate as of July 2022.

Which PHM system vendor has the most facility installations?

Epic Systems Corporation ranks at the top of our list with 2,119 installations of their Healthy Planet PHM software at hospitals around the country. Healthy Planet is a feature within the Epic electronic health record (EHR) system that collects and aggregates patient data to help providers track care quality and cost and improve care coordination across specific populations.

Oracle Cerner comes in second, with 701 installations of HealtheIntent—66.9% less than Epic System Corporation’s installation count. Our data show that this relative market share is also reflected in the vendors’ EHR offerings.

Trailing in third is IBM, with 168 installations of their CareDiscovery Quality Measures and Explorys EPM Application Suite programs.

Together, all 15 vendors were represented by a total of 3,642 facility installations. Epic Systems Corporation software accounts for 58.1% of those installations, while Realyze Intelligence—the last vendor on our list—represents just over half a percent with 22 installations.

How do PHM systems work with EHRs?

PHM software is often packaged with EHR platforms that help providers coordinate care by delivering convenient, accurate, and actionable information on a patient’s medical history to inform diagnoses and care plans. When effectively integrated, PHM systems incorporate and share data with their corresponding EHR platforms.

PHM systems may also integrate with electronic medical record (EMR) software. Some clinicians use the terms “EHR” and “EMR” interchangeably, but their capabilities vary greatly. An EMR is a digital version of a patient’s clinical chart for a specific facility or practice, while an EMR is a digital record of a patient’s entire health journey across providers.

Population health management vs. chronic care management systems

Many PHM vendors also produce chronic care management software, often as part of an application suite built around an EHR.

Because PHM systems incorporate a variety of data sources across particular patient groupings, they enable providers to identify and address chronic illnesses and other health concerns in a holistic, community-centered way. Good PHM systems give providers and public health specialists the tools to detect, prevent and control disease outbreaks and epidemics, and assess potential barriers to healthcare access among vulnerable populations.

Like PHM systems, chronic care management (CCM) systems combine patient data from multiple sources to inform treatment plans and improve care outcomes. But unlike PHM, CCM systems are centered on the treatment of individual patients with chronic care needs. Data from these systems may be aggregated within PHM software to inform population-level care plans, but they’re designed to be actionable in isolation.

CCM systems ideally reduce delays in care and miscommunication by bringing together information from every point in a patient’s care journey in a centrally accessible, HIPAA-compliant record.

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