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Aug 25, 2015 10:40:51 AM

Psychiatric hospitals are health care facilities specializing in care and treatment of patients affected and diagnosed with acute and/or chronic mental illnesses.

Definitive Healthcare currently tracks 642 psychiatric hospitals in the US. Of these 642 hospitals, 17 scored in the 90th percentile or greater (best) for Hours of Seclusion, 69 scored in the 90th percentile or greater (best) for Hours of Physical Restraint Use, 118 scored in the 90th percentile or greater (best) for Post-discharge Continuing Care Plan Created, and 47 scored in the 90th percentile or greater (best) for Post-discharge Continuing Care Plan Transmitted to the Next Level of Care Provider Upon Discharge. These are the 4 process of care measures currently monitored by Definitive Healthcare for Psychiatric Care.

See below a list of the top 10 largest psychiatric hospitals in the US (determined by number of staffed beds - derived from the hospitals' most recent Medicare Cost Reports).

1. Elgin Mental Health Center, 1, 419 staffed beds - (Elgin, IL)

2. DSH- Metropolitan LA (FKA Metropolitan LA State Hospital), 1, 132 staffed beds - (Norwalk, CA)

3. Western State Hospital, 771 staffed beds - (Lakewood, WA)

4. Wancora Psychiatric Hospital, 709 staffed beds - (Ancora, NJ)

5. Connecticut Valley Hospital, 626 staffed beds - (Middletown, CT)

6. Broughton Hospital, 589 staffed beds - (Morganton, NC)

7. Spring Grove Hospital Center, 569 staffed beds - (Catonsville, MD)

8. Springfield Hospital Center, 522 staffed beds - (Sykesville, MD)

9. Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, 468 staffed beds - (Greystone Park, NJ)

10. Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo, 451 staffed beds - (Pueblo, CO)


Definitive Healthcare tracks metrics for over 8,000 hospitals and health systems in the US. Our Hospitals product currently houses high quality data for childrens hospitals, critical access hospitals, department of defense hospitals, IDNS, long term acute care hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, religious non-medical health care institutions, short term acute care hospitals, and VA hospitals. Definitive Healthcare's Hospitals product also includes quality data on 8,000+ facilities.


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