Empowering Clinical and Medical Affairs from Pre-Clinical Through Launch

Access to real-world data and evidence is critical to inform scientific and business decisions early in the drug development process. This is particularly true when developing orphan drugs. Join Robert Groebel, VP of Global Medical Strategy at Monocl, as he shares his experience in the biopharmaceutical industry to shed light on topics like:

  • Clinical trials site selection
  • Market sizing and potential for new treatments
  • Understanding the patient & provider journey

About the Presenters

Robert Groebel


Robert Groebel III

Vice President, Global Medical Strategy, Monocl

With nearly 25 years in the healthcare arena, and diverse experience in commercial and medical organizations internationally, Robert brings a skill set and perspective that is rare among pharmaceutical professionals. His expertise includes both domestic and international sales and product marketing, and deep experience in medical affairs, strategic operations, administration, and staffing.

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