Expand Drug Market Access in 3 Key Steps

Are you ready to launch your drug? In part two of our webinar series, we will demonstrate how to make the greatest impact when bringing a drug to market. We’ll cover how to:

  • Identify networks and hospitals and understand their buying habits
  • Inform negotiations with payor mix insights
  • Identify and gain access to key executive contacts

About the Presenters

Emmett Erwin Headshot


Emmett Erwin

Enterprise Account Executive, Definitive Healthcare 

Emmett is an Enterprise Account Executive at Definitive Healthcare. He has been helping Life Science clients with their data needs for over a decade with deep subject matter expertise in the Commercial Operations functions within Life Sciences companies. Prior to joining Definitive Healthcare, Emmett spent 5+ years at IQVIA working with both Pharmaceutical and Medical Device clients engaging health systems and prior to that engaged hospital systems for EMSI as a National Account Manager.

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Sara Essembler (00:00):
The Definitive Healthcare team. I’m excited to introduce today’s webinar, which is the second installment in our series, Applications of Real World Data From Drug Development to Launch. Today’s session is called Expand Drug Market Access in Three Key Steps and our presenter is Emmett Erwin. Before we get started, let’s cover just a few housekeeping items. As time permits, we will take a few audience questions at the end, so feel free to submit your questions throughout the talk. Lastly, all registrants will receive the recording of this session.

All right, so let’s talk a little bit more about Emmett. Emmett is an enterprise account executive at Definitive Healthcare. He’s been helping life science clients with their data needs for over a decade with deep subject matter expertise in the commercial operations functions within life sciences companies. Prior to joining Definitive Healthcare, Emmett spent over five years at IQVIA working with both pharmaceutical and medical device clients, engaging health systems, and prior to that, engaged hospital systems for EMSI as a national account manager. Welcome, Emmett. With that, I’m going to hand off to you.

Emmett Erwin (01:20):
Thanks, Sara. Hi, everyone. As Sara just said, my name is Emmett. I’m an account executive here at Definitive Healthcare. I work with large and mid-size pharma clients, and again, as Sara just said, prior to my tenure here, I’ve worked in the healthcare analytics industry for a little over a decade and then prior to that, used to carry a bag myself into these hospitals, so I hope my insight from working with market access teams throughout the industry over the years and personally carrying a bag will be worth your time today, so thanks for joining the webinar.

As far as agenda goes for today, we’ll do a quick background on DHC, and then jump right into it. Step one, understanding IDNs and how they contract. We’ll review the components of these health systems and at what level they typically contract at. Step two, IDNs and member hospital payor mix and patient population. What are the common payor types of these health systems and the types of patients they’re typically treating? Step three, contacting health systems and decision-makers. How does Definitive help your teams contact the correct decision-makers? Then we’ll wrap it up.

As a background, and some of you may already know this, at Definitive Healthcare, we’re an information service company providing detailed intelligence of the US healthcare systems and providers. Our affiliations data is updated daily and our claims and RX data is updated monthly. All Definitive Healthcare clients are supported by their designated CSM or client success manager and have access to our professional services team and the data science groups to assist your organization in any initiative you may have.

Let’s level set on what market access is. In the simplest terms, market access is about getting the right treatments to the right patients at the right time at the right price. It’s about eligible patients having rapid and consistent access to the medicines, generating and communicating data for the stakeholders involved, and the adoption and funding of those therapies, and then making those products and services available, fairly priced, and make sure they’re reimbursed. Definitive Healthcare, how we help your go-to-market access strategy is by making sure they understand the health systems they’re targeting, the patient populations of those health systems, the insurance types of those patients, and lastly, how to identify those decision-makers or P&T committee members who are making those formulary and contracting decisions… .