Accountable Care Organizations

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Cleveland Clinic Adds Big Name to VBC Task Force

Cleveland Clinic Adds Big Name to VBC Task Force The Cleveland Clinic is joining a consortium of leading healthcare organizations that push for a fast and effective move toward value-based care (VBC). The Health Care Transformation Task Force (HCTTF) has more than 40 members representing providers, payers, purchasers and patients….

Top 10 ACOs by Patient Population

An accountable care organization is a healthcare organization characterized by a payment and care delivery model that seeks to tie provider reimbursements to quality metrics and reductions in total cost of care for an assigned population of patients. The ACO model requires that each ACO have a defined patient population…

Costs Hold Back ACOs

A recent survey by Premier and the eHealth Initiative with 62 accountable care organizations reveals that most ACOs struggle with IT functions and interoperability. The most striking result of the survey is that all 62 participants agreed that “access to data from external organizations” is “challenging.” Additionally, 88 percent said they…

Little Enthusiasm to Join Pioneer ACOs

Federal officials are tampering with the idea of expanding Medicare’s Pioneer Model for accountable care organizations; however, they might be hard-pressed to find new participants. If put into action, this would be the government’s most aggressive test of new financial incentives for hospitals and doctors to hone medical costs and…