Merger & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions
Top Health Systems: Mergers, Acquisitions, Affiliations

Care center mergers and acquisitions are key indications of which health systems are thriving and which are falling behind. The consolidation, purchase, or sale of a care center can aid in lowering costs, increasing patient satisfaction, and expanding the number of services a provider can offer. In 2017 alone, Definitive…

Physician Groups
Are Independent Physician Groups Viable in the Long Run?

Physician groups and independent practices face unique difficulties as healthcare providers. Shifting state and federal guidelines, particularly regarding Medicare reimbursement, offer greater rewards to diversified care systems that can take on financial risk and refer patients to specialists within their own network. Practices with only a handful of physicians—or solo…

healthcare merger and acquisitions
Billionaire Doctor Snaps up Controlling Stake in Four Bay Area Hospitals

Silicon Valley Business Journal and the East Bay Times are reporting Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, a billionaire physician who owns NantWorks, NantHealth, and NantKwest, has acquired a controlling stake in the management company that oversees Verity Health System’s six hospitals. Soon-Shiong infused financial backing into Integrity Healthcare, which operates Verity Health’s…

healthcare merger and acquisitions
MaineHealth Advances Plan to Combine Healthcare Systems

MaineHealth Advances Plan to Combine Healthcare Systems As written in the Press Herald, MaineHealth is planning to merge all of its member organizations into a single nonprofit entity that would make financial decisions for the entire group. Nine of its 10 members’ boards of trustees have approved a draft of…

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