Carevoyance delivers crystal-clear intelligence for medtech sales and marketing teams

Apr 16th, 2024

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If you work in sales and marketing for a medtech company, you know how challenging it can be to quickly find and engage the right healthcare professionals (HCPs) and organizations (HCOs) that treat your target population and can benefit from your device. To get accurate, reliable results, you and your team need to either secure highly targeted, customizable commercial intelligence, or chance upon a provider-oriented crystal ball.

While we can’t deliver supernatural insights into your market, we can offer a solution that comes pretty close.

Meet Carevoyance

Carevoyance is a new sales enablement solution from Definitive Healthcare that solves frontline sales challenges head on by harnessing our data within your workflow to deliver bespoke insights into your target patient cohorts and the providers and organizations that treat them.

The intuitive Carevoyance platform makes it easy to segment markets, target prospects, and automatically generate reports, saving your and your sales and marketing colleagues precious time and resources that can be better directed toward engaging buyers and winning their business.

Your patient base and the doctors who treat them are united by specific diagnoses, procedures, and positioning—both geographically and within the patient journey itself. Finding the most impactful opportunities takes more than pre-packaged datasets or point-in-time slices of market intelligence. You need a sales solution that’s as dynamic and multifaceted as the patients and providers you’re serving.  

Carevoyance builds upon Definitive Healthcare’s robust data platform to help your teams rapidly identify ideal patients using diagnoses and procedure codes. From there, it’s easy to fine-tune target cohorts through time-based conditional logical and inclusion and exclusion criteria. Once your markets are defined, the platform offers direct access to territory-specific targeting, pre-call planning intelligence, and reporting tools that help you clearly demonstrate ROI.

In other words, Carevoyance equips you with everything you need to find the right patients at the most granular level and understand what their providers—i.e., your buyers—are looking for in medical technology. By showing you where to focus your efforts, Carevoyance can help you get your technology to your intended buyers faster.

Start preparing for more productive conversations

You shouldn’t be approaching medtech sales and marketing like fortune-telling: If you’re planning to cold-read your prospects’ needs and challenges at the first meeting (“I’m sensing you want to drive up MRI procedure volumes…”) it’s certain the conversation won’t get very far.

Carevoyance lets you start engaging with a thorough understanding of HCPs’ and HCOs’ patient populations, market conditions, and facility attributes. With this intelligence, you can home in on the most lucrative opportunities, then create data-driven messaging, visuals, and reporting that speaks directly to their needs.

Whether you’re launching your initial round of email marketing, preparing for a first face-to-face conversation, or getting ready to close the deal with a key stakeholder, our new Carevoyance solution helps you showcase your value and maximize the impact of every interaction with intuitive, user-friendly tools. It also integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, so you can access all those critical insights within your CRM.

These days, it’s increasingly rare to see every member of every team in the office at once, so Carevoyance is designed work wherever they are. Prepping for a sales meeting on the road? Carevoyance insights are mobile-accessible and ready to come along for the trip. Plus, location-based targeting helps you maximize your sales trips by making it easy to find additional prospects in your area.

The platform’s impact on cross-team, cross-location collaboration goes even deeper: By working out of a single, unified platform with a standardized dataset, you can align your sales and marketing teams around the right targets with the right information, so you can cut costs associated with redundant—or poorly prioritized—commercial efforts.

Teams working across vast and varied territories shouldn’t have to sacrifice visibility into their colleagues’ efforts. Carevoyance gives your entire team insights into which reps are talking to which prospects, and helps team leaders measure productivity and impact through every step of the process.

See Carevoyance even more clearly

From territory planning to market analysis to engagement and beyond, Carevoyance is built to simplify and expedite every aspect of medtech sales and marketing so you can seize more opportunities as they arise and maximize revenue.

No doubt it’s an intriguing prospect, but maybe you’re still not quite sure how Carevoyance fits within your existing workflow. No need for that crystal ball—we can show you firsthand.

Sign up for a demo today, and we’ll give you a crystal-clear demonstration of Carevoyance and everything it can do for you.

How’s that for good fortune?

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