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How data and analytics can revolutionize medical affairs


If you’re a Medical Affairs professional, you already know how difficult it can be to identify the most appropriate medical and scientific experts for your disease, therapy or treatment area. Traditionally, this data has been time-consuming and inefficient to gather – not to mention incomplete.

Over the last decade, the number of scientific experts has continued to expand and change as quickly as the healthcare market itself, further complicating the task. Meanwhile Medical Affairs has evolved from a siloed and operational subset into a critical and strategic function in life sciences organizations.  

Thus, for Medical Affairs departments, it’s more important than ever to identify key experts and stakeholders to engage in mutually beneficial long-term collaboration.  

As a result of these trends, Medical Affairs professionals are increasingly investing in purpose-built data and analytics intelligence platforms to help them more easily identify and engage the millions of medical and scientific experts around the globe. 

Revolutionizing Medical Affairs research through Monocl

We are thrilled to announce our acquisition of Monocl, the pre-eminent subscription-based provider of medical expert data and insights to help life sciences companies effectively identify and engage the right stakeholders.

The combination of Definitive Healthcare’s industry-leading provider and medical claims data and Monocl’s deep professional profiles on millions of experts worldwide, offers life sciences clients a complete, comprehensive solution encompassing both clinical and market data. Medical Affairs teams within these clients can leverage this solution to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative drugs, therapies and devices.   

Better together

Monocl provides organizations with powerful solutions to:

  • Identify the Appropriate Experts: Monocl gives Medical Affairs organizations insights into scientific activity including clinical research, publications and society activity, enabling them to identify, prioritize, and engage experts globally
  • Build Stronger Relationships: Engage experts as a trusted resource for partnership and access to rapidly evolving data, to support the successful launch and market uptake of new innovation and drive improved patient outcomes
  • Plan Strategic Engagement: With the ability to identify the right global experts and engage and develop those relationships, Monocl enables long term strategic planning through harmonized, compliant collaboration

Definitive adds provider data and medical claims insights to Monocl expert intelligence, providing a complete, actionable data set for both commercial and Medical Affairs teams within life sciences organizations.

The result is a comprehensive solution for engaging and influencing prominent experts; accelerating regulatory approvals; and planning and executing product awareness and go-to-market strategies to advance drug and therapy research, discovery and clinical trials.

We are thrilled to welcome Monocl to the Definitive Healthcare team to optimize the value we bring to our life sciences clients.

Learn more

If you’re interested in learning more about Monocl, please let us know. Start your free trial today. 

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