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By Ethan Popowitz

Pop quiz!

Imagine, if you will, that you are a sales leader for a medical device company that produces a new type of heart monitor. You’re in the thick of developing your sales strategy, and the next step is to find the right people with purchase authority.

How do you start your search? Do you:

  1. Wipe the dust off your phone book and start calling every healthcare provider you find?

  1. Light smoke signals in the hope of drawing the attention of the right prospects?

  1. Use an up-to-date list of executive contacts curated to your sales territories?

If you chose Option C—you’re correct! There is no prize, but knowledge is its own reward.

Market intelligence drives a competitive advantage in every business, and healthcare is no different. In the example above, you could log into the Definitive Healthcare platform and access accurate and current contact information on more than one million executives from the Atlas Dataset.

While logging in can give your team a more complete picture of the market and connect them with the right people, there is a faster, equally secure way to get these benefits right within the systems that you use daily.

That’s why I’m excited to announce three new additions to our data integration offerings. Read on to learn how these tools deliver healthcare commercial intelligence where you need it, when you need it, and how to figure out which option is right for you.

Pick the best integration tool for your environment

With our suite of data integration technologies and services, you can access our healthcare commercial intelligence from within your internal systems and workflows, including Salesforce and other CRMs. This unified dataset helps ensure your teams are aligned, decision-making is grounded, and everyone has a more complete view of the market.

We’ve enhanced and expanded our data integration offerings. You can choose from a range of flexible options and support services to seamlessly integrate our healthcare commercial intelligence into your IT infrastructure.

Here’s what we’ve added:

  • DefinitiveConnect. Get near real-time access to the Atlas Dataset from within your Salesforce Lightning environment. With the power of the Definitive ID bolstering your data, you can create a unified map of the healthcare landscape, helping your teams prioritize the right contacts and engage prospects with more targeted communications. DefinitiveConnect also offers access to a dedicated team who can work with you to integrate data in the most impactful way possible. DefinitiveConnect is available now on the Salesforce AppExchange. Learn more about its features and capabilities here.

  • Snowflake Secure Direct Data Share. Definitive Healthcare is now a Snowflake data provider. Snowflake provides a secure cloud data warehouse from which companies can store and analyze their data. More importantly, Snowflake helps its clients merge multiple datasets from multiple providers into a single, secure, unified dataset so that you can generate new insights. And now Snowflake customers can access the Atlas Dataset within their Snowflake Data Cloud via Secure Data Sharing.

  • Commercial RESTful APIs. We’ve updated our APIs for HospitalView, PhysicianView, and Monocl ExpertData to make it even easier to integrate facility, provider, and expert data into your systems. Updates include automated synchronization of data across CRMs, new custom and automatically refreshable dashboards, and expanded access to more BI and analytical tools.

Of course, our existing data integration methods aren’t going away.  You can still access our healthcare commercial intelligence through:

  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), is an industry-standard network protocol for securely accessing, transferring, and managing large files. We can create and maintain an SFTP site for the posting and exporting of custom data, which you can then ingest into your existing data warehouses, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and CRM systems.

  • Self-service exports. Of course, you can always use the market-level searches within our platform to create reports with facility information, affiliations, clinical metrics, claims, executive contact info, and more. You can export and upload the data into your own systems as needed.

Make more informed commercial decisions

Our data integration offerings bring our healthcare commercial intelligence to the systems you use daily. Nearly any data point available within our product can be imported to a system of your choice—from unique claims codes to affiliations, financial data to clinical metrics, email addresses to mobile phone numbers, and so much more.

As a result, your teams will:

  1. Be more efficient. The most efficient way to access our healthcare commercial intelligence is within the systems and workflows your teams already use every day! Doing so eliminates any potential learning curve and the time it would take to train personnel on new systems. Also, many of our integration options enable automatic data ingestion, eliminating the need to input data manually into both systems.

  1. Work with higher-quality data. Automated data ingestion reduces errors associated with manual work and ensures that your data stays as current as ours. In addition, ingesting our data into existing systems like a CRM lets you validate your master dataset with an external third party to ensure that you’re working with the best information available.

Learn more

Visit our data integrations page to learn more about our new offerings and how integration can optimize your systems and workflows with our healthcare commercial intelligence. We’ve also included a handy FAQ if you’re looking for more technical details, but don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager if you have any questions!

DefinitiveConnect is also available today in the Salesforce AppExchange. Check out DefinitiveConnect to see if it’s the right data integration method for your IT infrastructure.

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