Find the Biopharma Experts You’ve Been Looking For

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We get it—it can be tough to find the right expert to advise you when you’re developing a new drug or medical device. The people you need could be anywhere in the world, and they’ve got their own projects to work on.

Monocl launched back in 2014 to solve this very challenge. Today, we’re taking the Monocl solution to the next level. We’re adding a new module with medical claims data that covers nearly 330 million patient lives. You can read the official news here.

Let’s see what this real-world intelligence means for one of our clients in the oncology space.

One of our clients is a mid-sized biopharmaceutical company. They’re focused on developing new molecular cancer treatments. Because this company is still pre-release, they asked us not to share their name—so we’ll call them Oncology Inc.

Oncology Inc. implemented Monocl Professional to help them identify clinical experts in their field. The right experts helped Oncology Inc. reduce two prominent barriers to treatment delivery—low disease prevalence and misdiagnosis.

By adding medical claims, Oncology Inc. gained a better understanding of patient management. Their team used this data to create a roadmap to find new, undiscovered clinical experts.

Oncology Inc. used the Monocl Professional Claims Extension to find oncologists diagnosing the highest volumes of their target patients. These oncologists are the leading clinical experts. They can offer valuable insights to the Oncology Inc. team throughout product development and go-to-marketing planning.

With Monocl Professional Claims Extension, Oncology Inc. can also access aggregated, de-identified patient journey information. This data will show where experts can leverage a certain diagnostic test. The right tests allow them to better identify patients and associated healthcare providers.

Medical claims data allowed this biopharmaceutical firm to identify and engage with the oncologists working in their target disease state. These physician relationships are vital from development, through clinical trials, and during product launch.

But what does this launch mean for clients already using the Definitive Healthcare medical claims solution?

The Definitive Healthcare Medical Claims solution supports your commercial planning and execution. With this asset, your team can effectively size and segment your target market. Your sales and marketing teams can use this data for territory alignment, competitor analyses, and finding market trends.

Monocl’s medical claims extension is complementary to the Definitive Healthcare solution. We catered the solution to the unique needs of medical affairs departments.

Monocl can help you:

  • identify clinical trial sites
  • find the perfect expert for your disease state
  • collaborate with centers of excellence

This solution equips your medical affairs team with insights on clinical experience, care networks and affiliations, and patient interactions.

Both solutions give you valuable clinical and commercial insights—just in different ways.

Want to learn more about how you can improve your expert targeting with this new claims solution? Visit Monocl’s website to read this article, “Identify and Prioritize Clinical Leadership Using the Monocl Professional Claims Extension.”

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