Identify buyers with Org Charts

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Written by Kate Shamsuddin Jensen

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Org Charts feature.  

What are Org Charts? 

They’re an added feature to our HospitalView product that clearly illustrates how a hospital is organized. You can use them to map out a hospital’s different departments and sub-departments, understand the many layers of management, and find the right people you need to get your product or service in front of.  

Org Charts resolve analysis paralysis

This new feature is designed to address one of the big problems that businesses deal with when trying to sell into a hospital.  

And that problem is — generally speaking — analysis paralysis. Let me explain:  

Healthcare is unlike any other industry. In order to save lives and provide care, a hospital needs to function with the precision of a well-oiled machine. The issue is that hospitals are dizzyingly complex organizations—and no two are alike. Most hospitals adapt a vertical organization structure, comprised of many layers of management, governing committees, and leaders. Add on top of that how each hospital uses a different title naming conventions and reporting hierarchies, and you can see how complicated it can be to sell into a hospital. Understanding how a hospital is organized and identifying the right people suddenly becomes extremely difficult.  

This is where analysis paralysis kicks in. With all this information at a sales team’s fingertips—where do you even begin? Who do you need to talk to? Does Case Management report to the CNO, COO, or CFO? 

That’s why we developed Org Charts. To cut through the tangle of information, help companies understand how hospitals are organized and see the relationships along the chain of command. It’s healthcare commercial intelligence you can use to find the right influencers and decision-makers and establish your foothold in that hospital.  

Where can I find these Org Charts? 

You can get started with Org Charts right here. Or you can find them from the ‘Executives’ tab of any hospital’s profile page. Org Charts are only available today for hospitals, not health systems

Once selected, you’ll be able to find contact information for the hospital. Contacts are classified into three categories: 

  1. Medical: Executives associated with the delivery of patient care (e.g., Therapeutic Care, Nursing, Laboratory)  

  1. Corporate: Executives associated with running the business and/or operations (e.g., Finance, Operations, IT)  

  1. Board: Members of the board of directors for the hospital (e.g., Chairperson, Treasurer, board members)  

Let’s see how it works in-action: 

Let’s say we have a client developing new oncology treatments and have found a hospital that want to sell into. Once they have the profile for the hospital pulled up in HospitalView, they’ll hit the ‘Executives’ tab and filter their search to the Medical category.  

From there, they can select any of the departments that may be of interest to them. In this case, the client will want to choose therapeutics, and then further refine their search to the oncology subdepartment. Here, they can see the hospital leadership, key opinion leaders and decision-makers they want to target arranged by position level.  

With this information in-hand, our client was able to reach out to the right executives, physicians, and leaders and cultivate strong relationships, instead of relying on guess work or assumptions. Their sales effectiveness shoots up with a clearer view into the organizational structure at hospitals. 

Get started with Org Charts 

Interested in learning more? You can try Org Charts here, or book a demo to see how you can make the most of this new feature.  

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