50 largest VA hospitals by number of staffed beds

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Since 1930, the United States has provided medical services for war veterans at Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals. Veterans that served in the active army, naval, or air service with an honorable discharge all qualify for VA services.

Serving more than nine million veterans each year, the VA is the largest healthcare system in the U.S. It’s comprised of hundreds of hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and more.

VA hospitals continue to impact the broader healthcare industry. They often have a notable contribution to biomedical and clinical research and are a leader in the education of medical professionals.

Below, we have a list ranking the top veterans’ hospitals by the number of staffed beds.

50 largest VA hospitals by number of staffed beds

Rank Hospital name State Definitive ID # of staffed beds
1 Biloxi VA Medical Center MS 2267 716
2 Southern Oregon VA Rehabilitation Center (AKA White City VA Medical Center) OR 851198 600
3 Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center OH 3127 586
4 West Los Angeles VA Medical Center CA 428 500
5 Edward Hines Jr VA Hospital IL 1163 483
6 Cincinnati VA Medical Center OH 3157 463
7 West Roxbury VA Medical Center MA 274099 448
8 Brockton VA Medical Center MA 274100 448
9 Bath VA Medical Center NY 2900 440
10 James A Haley Veterans Hospital FL 819 415
11 St Cloud VA Medical Center MN 2224 388
12 Bruce W Carter VA Medical Center FL 861 372
13 H John Heinz III Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center PA 551521 358
14 Perry Point VA Medical Center MD 541824 357
15 John J Cochran Veterans Hospital MO 2445 355
16 Michael E DeBakey VA Medical Center TX 3991 350
17 San Juan VA Medical Center PR 4667 348
18 Alvin C York Veterans Administration Medical Center TN 541828 347
19 James J Peters VA Medical Center NY 14 311
20 Minneapolis VA Medical Center MN 2150 309
21 Coatesville VA Medical Center PA 3478 302
22 Jennifer Moreno Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (FKA San Diego VA Medical Center) CA 539 296
23 Tucson VA Medical Center AZ 2 295
24 Seattle VA Medical Center WA 4368 291
25 Dallas VA Medical Center TX 3915 289
26 Malcom Randall Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center FL 7 289
27 Joseph Maxwell Cleland Atlanta VA Medical Center (AKA Atlanta VA Medical Center) GA 978 285
28 Battle Creek VA Medical Center MI 1999 276
29 Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center (AKA Richmond VA Medical Center) VA 4337 273
30 Audie L Murphy VA Hospital TX 3854 268
31 West Palm Beach VA Medical Center FL 878 254
32 Tomah VA Medical Center WI 4539 246
33 Memphis VA Medical Center TN 3815 244
34 Fort Wayne VA Medical Center IN 541831 243
35 Nashville VA Medical Center TN 3749 238
36 Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center CA 394 237
37 Portland VA Medical Center - Main Campus OR 3416 231
38 Kerrville VA Medical Center TX 541836 226
39 Canandaigua VA Medical Center NY 2864 218
40 William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center SC 3665 216
41 West Haven VA Medical Center CT 4 216
42 Sheridan VA Medical Center WY 4619 208
43 Doris Miller Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (FKA Waco VA Medical Center) TX 274162 204
44 Jesse Brown VA Medical Center IL 1155 200
45 New Orleans VA Medical Center LA 541835 200
46 Lexington VA Medical Center - Troy Bowling Campus KY 541827 199
47 Lexington VA Medical Center - Franklin R Sousley Campus KY 1659 199
48 Captain James A Lovell Federal Health Care Center IL 1209 199
49 Buffalo VA Medical Center NY 2785 199
50 Milwaukee VA Medical Center (AKA Clement J Zablocki VA Medical Center) WI 4537 196

Fig 1. Data from the Atlas Dataset. VA hospitals do not report financial data to CMS or commercial entities. Data accurate as of March 2023.

Which veterans’ hospitals have the most staffed beds?

From the table above we can see that Biloxi Medical Center in Mississippi has the most staffed beds at 716. Also among the top VA hospitals are Southern Oregon VA Rehabilitation Center, Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, West Los Angeles VA Medical Center and Edward Hines Jr. VA hospital. These facilities are in Oregon, Ohio, California, and Illinois respectively.

Despite many of the top VA hospitals being in the southern or western regions of the U.S., most VA hospitals are clustered in the Northeast and Midwest. This likely correlates to the higher population density of veterans in these areas.

What are Veterans Affairs hospitals?

VA hospitals are medical facilities run by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that provide healthcare services to eligible veterans, their dependents, and survivors. These hospitals are generally well-regarded for their quality of care.

While VA hospitals prioritize patients who incur service-related permanent disabilities, these facilities provide a wide range of services common to traditional hospitals. This includes surgery, critical care, pharmacy, primary care, specialty care, rehabilitation services, mental health, and more.

Specialized services and programs at VA hospitals

VA hospitals have played an important role in the treatment of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), with many facilities offering specialized programs and services for these conditions.

Like teaching hospitals, VA hospitals are known for their research programs, which have led to many important medical breakthroughs. For example, the VA invented the first clinically successful cardiac pacemaker.

Many VA hospitals dedicate resources to advancing medical research in war-related conditions such as PTSD, traumatic amputations, and illnesses related to the Gulf War, among others.

Veterans integrated service networks

There are 18 Veterans Integrated Services Networks (VISNs) in the United States, with only two representing a single state. Like an integrated delivery network (IDN), a VISN is a regional care system. The ultimate goal of a VISN is to meet local care needs and improve population health access.

VISNs handle the day-to-day functions of VA hospitals. They also provide clinical and administrative support for these facilities. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) oversees VISNs and VA hospital performance.

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