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New update in Monocl ExpertInsight: Awards!


We are happy to announce that we are continuing to empower our data set, adding information on Scientific Awards. In combination with intuitive filter functionalities in Monocl ExpertInsight, this update yet again enables you to further your expert identification and engagement activities to a more strategic level.

Utilize this powerful feature in our platform to:

  • look at your expert pool through a new lens – the award lens – to further qualify your expert pool
  • identify clusters of excellence
  • identify collaboration networks among award recipients
  • establish relevant touchpoints in your scientific exchange or sales activities

    …among others.

What’s in the update?

The update to Monocl’s dataset captures a broad range of awards, for example early career achievements (such as young investigator awards), established expert achievements (such as lifetime achievements or clinical related awards), and medical society distinctions – to just name a few categories. All this data is easy to navigate and leverage through a simple filter in Monocl ExpertInsight.

What’s in it for you? Four examples of use cases for medical affairs and commercial

Look through the award lens

Monocl ExpertInsight’s dynamic searching, filtering and ranking functionalities enable you to identify a relevant expert pool aligned to your organization’s strategic objectives. In turn, this specific product update gives you an opportunity to further qualify the experts in your pool – by looking through an award lens to ensure collaborations with recognized experts.

There are two main strategies for maximizing the value of the awards filter: qualify your expert list by including experts that have received any award – or - include experts that have received a specific award. For example, make sure you find the most promising emerging experts in your expert pool by leveraging the career start filter in combination with the awards filter – preferably the most relevant experts have received awards related to any, or a specific, young career achievement. Make sure you also find the most prominent established experts by filtering on experts holding a position in a medical society and/or a board but who also have received an award related to any or a specific lifetime achievement.

Identify clusters of excellence

Use the award filter to identify clusters of excellence: affiliations with most experts holding an award. Also, consider the ratio of number of experts holding an award at the affiliation to the total number of experts at that affiliation to understand its relative respectability.

Identify collaboration networks among award recipients

Across your identified centers of excellence, investigate how these award winners are collaborating: identify networks of award recipients. Make sure you consider this network of prominent experts to potentially inform your engagement plans.

Establish relevant touch points

Stay constantly informed on experts’ activities and recognitions to establish relevant touchpoints with experts and customers when you’re out in the field.

If you are interested in learning more about Awards or Monocl ExpertInsight in general, we are happy to sit down with you and your team to demo our products. You can schedule time with a member of the Monocl team here.

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