Top 5 takeaways from Definitive LIVE!

Top 5 takeaways from Definitive LIVE!

On June 23, 2021, we hosted our first-ever user conference, Definitive LIVE! It was an exciting day, packed with insightful thought leadership, in-depth technical training, industry-focused education, and inspirational moments.

We were utterly blown away by the amazing reception of the event and were electrified that more than 800 attendees joined us!

Although the event was virtual, we know that not everyone would have the chance to register and participate in sessions centered around our inaugural theme of “Navigating the Complex Healthcare Market.” And for those who attended the event, you might want to revisit these sessions!

To remedy this, we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of some of the major takeaways from the event. For those who want to learn more, view recordings of full sessions, Q&As, and Brain Bites on our videos page.

1. To navigate the complex healthcare ecosystem, you need healthcare commercial intelligence

Our founder and CEO, Jason Krantz, kicked-off the day’s events by sharing our vision for the future of healthcare commercial intelligence. At the core of everything we do, we transform data, analytics, and expertise into healthcare commercial intelligence that helps companies sell and compete in the healthcare market.

In his keynote, which you can watch in-full here, he outlines three tenets of new and emerging categories:

  1. Healthcare commercial intelligence must bring together high-quality, up-to-date, and comprehensive data and information from across the healthcare ecosystem.
  2. Healthcare commercial intelligence goes a step further than just raw data by giving you answers and insight.
  3. Healthcare commercial intelligence synthesizes all of this information and insight into a single platform, so you can adapt to the rapidly changing market with confidence.

“Healthcare commercial intelligence is about giving you an edge, an information advantage so that you can optimize everything from product development to go-to-market planning to sales strategy.”

2. Customized healthcare is the biggest opportunity today for healthcare

Following Jason’s opening remarks, he answered questions from the audience in a brief Q&A session led by our CMO, Justin Steinman.

When asked what the biggest healthcare opportunity in the U.S. could be, Jason answered customized healthcare. Also known as personalized healthcare or precision medicine, this model of care refers to the tailoring of treatments, practices, interventions, medical decisions, and more to the specific and unique needs of the patient.

Jason attributes the importance of customized healthcare to the adoption and expansion of care pathways like telemedicine and urgent care facilities. Now that patients have more options available to determine how and where they receive care, providers can leverage these new tools to have open, insightful conversations with their patients and improve health outcomes.

You can watch Jason’s entire keynote Q&A here

3. Telehealth has exploded in the past few years

In the Q&A following our CPO, Kate Shamsuddin Jensen’s exclusive sneak peak of our product roadmap, she commented on the rapidly growing deployment and utilization of telehealth services.

Telehealth services allow patients to communicate with their doctor over text, chat, or video. And while healthcare providers have gradually adopted the technology over the years, its use skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, it quickly became one of the most safe and convenient ways for patients to seek care.

In her Q&A, Kate specifically expresses an interest in watching how ambulatory surgery centers integrate telehealth technology into their business strategy. Ambulatory surgeries generally require the physician and patient to be near one another. Coupled with the need to use technology and tools to properly diagnose and treat patients, telehealth may be unsuited for this specialty.

In the future, we’ll be closely watching how telehealth innovates and changes as a service in the healthcare industry and how providers use this new tool.

You can watch Kate’s keynote on the Definitive Healthcare Product Roadmap here

4. Conversations with customers are critical

Jason Reynolds, our SVP of Account Management & Customer Experience held an insightful customer panel just before the break-out sessions. Featuring folks from Boston Scientific, Gordon Foods, and VMWare, the session featured insightful conversations surrounding the Definitive Healthcare platform.

Geoff Easterling, Director of Strategy, Planning & Operations at VMWare, specifically called out how his company is using healthcare commercial intelligence from Definitive Healthcare to elevate the conversations they are having with their customers.

By using Definitive Healthcare’s solution, Geoff says “the conversations we are now having with our customers aren’t so focused on technology right off the bat. [Instead], they’re talking about what they can discover, understand, and dissect through a deep-dive analysis within the Definitive Healthcare platform to bring to light things the customers have said: “I didn’t know that!”

You can the Definitive Health Customer Panel here

5. When it comes to customer experience, you need to think small—not big.

We closed the day’s events with a funny, educational keynote from New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer. Jay, a renowned expert on marketing and customer experience, centered his keynote around the things customers care about in today’s market and how to create the coveted customer experience.

In the keynote, Jay calls on businesses to shift their thinking about the “coveted customer experience” away from an attitudinal issue to an actionable issue.

How can this be done? Not by thinking big.

Instead, Jay suggests businesses should think small to create coveted customer experiences. By breaking the issue down into smaller, more digestible components, businesses can earn and maintain the trust and loyalty of their customers. He mentions that companies should be quick, clear, and kind to their customers to create positive experiences.

We highly encourage you to watch the whole keynote here for the nitty-gritty details and hilarious use-cases Jay spotlights throughout.

What’s coming next?

For our first-ever user conference, we’d say it was a smashing success. There were so many more moments of thoughtful conversation and valuable learning than what we talked about here.

In 2022, we’re planning on making Definitive LIVE! better than ever. And we plan on holding the event in-person, too, so we can see your smiling faces. Stay tuned!

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