Top 10 EHR vendors in Canadian hospitals

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Electronic health records (EHRs) play a prominent role in healthcare delivery within the U.S. However, EHR utilization is common outside of the U.S. as well. In Canada, the majority of hospitals have adopted an EHR system. Overall, EHR systems—also known as electronic medical record (EMR) systems— help healthcare organizations to securely and digitally manage patient data, resulting in better patient care.

Below, we compiled a list of EHR vendors in Canadian hospitals. Read on to learn how the Canadian healthcare technology landscape compares to the U.S.’

Top utilized EHR systems in Canada

Rank Vendor Number of hospitals
2. Epic Systems Corporation 129
3.  Oracle Cerner 59
4. None 40
5. Altera Digital Health, a Harris Company 33
6. Telus Health 19
7. Proprietary Software 14
8. Harris Healthcare 12
9. Logibec 12
10. Purkinje 9

Fig. 1 Data from Definitive Healthcare via the Canadian Institute for Health Information and proprietary sources. Includes inpatient implementations – for this reason, some hospitals may be counted twice. Data accessed December 2022.

Percent market share by EHR vendor in Canadian hospitals


Fig. 2 Data from Definitive Healthcare via the Canadian Institute for Health Information and proprietary sources. Data accessed December 2022.

Which EMR systems are used in Canada?

As you can see from the table and chart above, MEDITECH is the leading provider of EHR systems in Canadian hospitals, with 217 installations and a 38% market share. Well below in second is Epic, with 129 installations and a 23% market share. In third is Oracle Cerner, with 59 installations and a 10% market share.

Technology shortage in Canadian healthcare

Interestingly, 7% of Canadian hospitals report no inpatient EHR system. A reason that 40 hospitals have not adopted an EHR system may be partially due to the high up-front costs of implementing one. Even more, recent studies indicate that Canada is experiencing more difficulty learning and implementing new tools as a result of physician burnout.

Canadian vs. American healthcare technology

The data representing EHR vendors in Canadian hospitals is quite distinct from the U.S. healthcare market. The leading providers of EHR systems in U.S. hospitals are Epic, which holds 37% of the market share, followed by Oracle Cerner, with 23% of the market share. MEDITECH holds about 14% of the EHR vendor market in the U.S., a far cry from the 38% market share it holds in Canada. And, according to Definitive Healthcare data, MEDITECH outperforms Epic in the Canadian market.

What is an EHR vendor?

An EHR vendor is a company that provides an electronic health record (EHR) product. An EHR is a digital patient record. EHRs can be shared amongst healthcare providers and organizations. They often contain information such as medical history, medication, and immunizations, which helps physicians make medical decisions.

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