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Top 50 Hospitals by Net Patient Revenue

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Hospitals are the primary care centers for the majority of Americans, home to care providers of various specialties as well as advanced diagnostic technology. They and account for approximately one-third of all medical spending in the U.S.—about $1.1 trillion.

Many hospitals are bringing in billions of dollars in net patient revenue. All of the top ten hospitals reported a 2018 net patient revenue of over $3 billion (up from 7 of 10 in 2016), and all of the top 30 brought in more than $2 billion (up from 22 of 25 in 2016). Combined, the top 50 hospitals earned more than $123 billion in net patient revenue.

Top 5 Hospitals by Revenue 

New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center NY $5,340,902,266  862
Cleveland Clinic OH $4,858,709,504 1,266
Stanford Hospital CA $4,132,132,686 447
NYU Langone Tisch Hospital NY $4,101,296,000  725
UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus Heights CA $3,620,962,130 782

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