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All-Payor Claims Database

What is an all-payor claims database?

All-payor claims databases are large, comprehensive state records of a variety of claims collected from both public payors, such as Medicare and Medicaid, and private payors. Payors are under order to report their data to the state directly.  

All-payor claims databases include data on: 

  • Medical claims 
  • Dental claims 
  • Pharmacy claims  
  • Provider files 
  • Eligibility files  

Why are all-payor claims databases important to healthcare?

All-payor claims databases are important to healthcare because they feature complete and thorough data from all insurance companies within a state. The data includes private insurance information, which other databases do not have. Further, all-payor claims databases store data related to care across sites. Lastly, all-payor claims databases represent a range of geographic areas, sample sizes and longitudinal data.