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Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

What is a Chief Medical Officer (CMO)?

A chief medical officer (CMO) is a senior-level position where licensed physicians oversee clinical operations. It is part of their job description to oversee the daily operations of medical centers and hospitals, with duties that include:

  • hiring and training physicians
  • keeping expenses within budget
  • keeping the facility comfortable and safe for patients
  • ensure staff adhere to healthcare regulations and safety standards

Why are CMOs important in healthcare?

The CMO’s job is to ensure that patients receive the highest standard of medical care. They accomplish this by hiring the best healthcare staff and making sure everyone receives training on the most recent regulations.

What is needed to be a CMO?

For someone to be a CMO, they must have a medical degree and a valid medical license. In addition, as a senior-level position, facilities often require CMOs to have ten or more years of clinical experience, with four or more years in a management role. A master’s degree in business administration or health administration is also a great addition to a resume for those interested in being a CMO.

Other skills needed to succeed as a CMO include good organizational skills and experience with clinical risk management. Communication is also vital for the CMO, requiring strong skills in this area.