What is hospitalization?

Hospitalization occurs when a patient receives care in a hospital that requires them to be admitted as an inpatient. In many cases, hospitalization requires an overnight stay.

Some of the reasons why a patient may be admitted as a patient include:

In the case of birth, the mother’s hospitalization is included, while the newborn’s is typically excluded.

Hospitalizations do not include admission to nursing homes, personal care homes, long-term-care facilities, or nursing stations.

Why is it important to know the number of hospitalizations?

Hospitalizations are an important metric for healthcare because they quantify the number of individuals seeking hospital services. This allows the facility to expand its staff as needed to reflect the community’s needs.

How does hospitalization impact healthcare?

Hospitalization allows hospitals and their faculty to provide a patient with medical care for their condition or medical ailment, using the resources available at the facility. However, hospitalization can also impact the patient’s mental health, with longer lengths of stay increasing the risk of social isolation and lack of mental stimulation.