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Medical Records Specialist

What is a medical records specialist?

A medical records specialist is responsible for providing administrative support for a healthcare facility, such as a hospital, medical center, or clinic.

Some of the responsibilities of a medical records specialist include managing, preparing, and retrieving patient charts and records, as well as inputting patient health information in the electronic medical record (EHR). If any discrepancies are noticed in the file, the medical records specialist is in charge of requesting information from physicians, nurses, or other recordkeepers before updating the file with the correct information.

Medical records specialists may also be responsible for performing other clerical work, such as assisting with audits or preparing billing or payment documents.

Why are medical records specialists important to healthcare?

current-userThe medical records specialist maintains and retrieves patient charts, which is vital for preserving accuracy for billing purposes and ensuring the clinician has essential information. Keeping accurate data allows the healthcare facility to function more efficiently while promoting higher-quality patient care.