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What does microsurgery mean in healthcare?

Microsurgery is a form of surgery that is performed with a microscope and specialized instruments. It is used to repair blood vessels, nerves, tendons, facial features, and body parts that are too small to be reconstructed by traditional surgical means.

This type of surgery is most commonly used by plastic surgeons for procedures that involve tissue transfer from one body part to another.

Microsurgery is minimally invasive and involves precise procedures that greatly reduce the risk of infection or damage to surrounding tissue structure.

Why is microsurgery important to healthcare?

Surgery is an effective way to diagnose and significantly improve a patient's health. Microsurgery gives surgeons the tools to perform complicated reconstructive operations with more accuracy and precision, allowing for improved outcomes without the need for invasive procedures or treatments.

Microsurgery also allows for reduced recovery times which lead to shorter hospital stays and a quicker return to normal life.