Physician Liaison

What is a physician liaison? 

A physician liaison is a professional who represents a physician or group practice to other healthcare groups and hospitals. It is their job to bridge the gap of communication between specialty physicians and referring physicians.

The physician liaison meets with referring doctors to discuss patient care, new treatments, and referrals.

The physician liaison may take on many roles, including:

  • Customer service
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing director
  • Event coordinator

Some of the responsibilities of the physician liaison include:

  • Training staff on how to manage referrals
  • Managing referrals
  • Assisting growth for specialty and surgical practitioners
  • Contacting hospitals to ensure they receive the practice’s referrals, contact the patients, and report back to the practice
  • Informing physicians and staff of barriers to success and how to get past the barriers

How does a physician liaison improve healthcare?

Referrals from physicians are a crucial element in a medical practice, and a physician liaison helps connect a medical practice with the local healthcare community to grow physician referrals.

The physician liaison can also help fix referral leaks, keeping patients within the network, which leads to better care as information can be shared more efficiently.