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Q6 Modifier

What is the Q6 modifier?

The Q6 modifier is a procedure code modifier used on medical claims for the billing of services for a locum tenens physician. It is intended to be used when a physician is away for an extended period of time and arranges for a locum tenens or substitute physician to provide services to their patients in their place.

The Q6 modifier allows for a maximum billing period of 60 continuous days, with the exception being when a physician is on active duty. When used correctly, a claim with Q6 modifier present will identify the physician who is absent.

Why is the Q6 modifier important to healthcare?

The Q6 modifier is important to healthcare because it allows healthcare facilities to identify and bill for locum tenens services. It provides a relatively straightforward and seamless way to continue to provide care and receive payment in a primary physician’s absence. Without the Q6 modifier, a physician would be considered an interim provider and have to become enrolled with the payors of the healthcare facility at which they are filling in.