11 imaging centers with the highest procedure volumes

Imaging centers provide diagnostic imaging services to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of medical conditions.

What is diagnostic imaging?

Diagnostic imaging is the process of using medical imaging technology, like x-ray or MRI machines, to diagnose and monitor medical conditions within a patient’s body. For instance, healthcare professionals use diagnostic imaging to detect and treat cancer.

We used the ImagingView and ClaimsMx data products from Definitive Healthcare to analyze procedure volumes from more than 18,000 imaging centers to find the imaging centers with the highest procedure volumes from January 2022 through August 2022.

Imaging centers ranked by procedure volumes

Rank Imaging Center Name Location Share of procedures
1 West Coast Medical Diagnostic Services Inc Los Angeles, CA 18.8%
2 Graves Gilbert Clinic - Bowling Green Bowling Green, KY 6.7%
3 Kaiser Permanente - Richmond Medical Center Breast Health Clinic Richmond, CA 5.4%
4 BioTech X-Ray - Ohio Cincinnati, OH 4.8%
5 AtlantiCare Radiology - Egg Harbor Township Egg Harbor Township, NJ 3.0%
6 Collom & Carney Clinic Association Texarkana, TX 2.8%
7 Summit Diagnostics LLC Houston, TX 2.6%
8 Community Radiology Associates - Rose Hill Frederick, MD 1.1%
9 Mayo Clinic Radiation Oncology Rochester, MN 1.1%
10 IU Health Arnett Physicians Interventional Radiology - Greenbush Street Lafayette, IN 1.0%
11 Intermountain Medical Center Imaging Murray, UT 1.0%

Fig. 1 Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s ImagingView and ClaimsMx products. Data compiled in October 2022.

Los Angeles, California-based West Coast Medical Diagnostic Services ranks first by a substantial margin in our list, with an 18.8% share of total imaging procedures performed January through August of 2022. Graves Gilbert Clinic in Bowling Green, Kentucky ranks a distant second with a 6.7% share.

The share of total procedures drops sharply to approximately 1% for the imaging centers ranked 8 through 11 in our list. This indicates a wide dispersion of procedure volumes across numerous imaging centers with potential for future consolidation through merger and acquisition.

What are medical imaging centers?

Imaging centers are defined as outpatient medical facilities that provide any of the following diagnostic imaging services: MRI, x-ray, CT scan, PET CT/MRI, fluoroscopy, interventional radiology, radiation oncology, angiography, dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), mammography, and cyber knife/gamma knife services.

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