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What imaging centers have the highest procedure volume?

Diagnostic imaging centers leverage technology and medical equipment to provide services that assist in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. While each center may have different equipment, patients can generally expect to receive any of the following services: MRI, X-ray, CT scan, PET CT/MRI, fluoroscopy, interventional radiology, radiation oncology, angiography, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), mammography, and cyber knife/gamma knife services.

What is diagnostic imaging?

Diagnostic imaging refers to the various techniques healthcare professionals use to visualize the inside of a patient’s body. Medical imaging technologies, like X-rays or MRI machines, create images of organs and internal structures, which healthcare professionals analyze to identify and diagnose various medical conditions.

We used healthcare commercial intelligence from the Atlas Dataset to uncover the diagnostic imaging centers with the highest procedure volumes. We analyzed medical claims data from more than 18,000 diagnostic imaging centers from January 2023 through November 2023 to make our list.

Top imaging centers by procedure volume

Rank Imaging Center State Definitive ID % of imaging center procedures Explore dataset
Graves Gilbert Clinic - Bowling Green KY 930856 6.5% Explore
Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center - Breast Health Clinic CA 1046453 6.1% Explore
BioTech X-Ray - Ohio (FKA American Mobile X-Ray LLC) OH 823432 5.6% Explore
AtlantiCare Radiology - Egg Harbor Township NJ 580836 3.5% Explore
Collom & Carney Clinic Association TX 802650 3.3% Explore
Mayo Clinic Radiation Oncology - Rochester MN 1024626 3.0% Explore
TRA Medical Imaging - Tacoma on Union (FKA Tacoma Magnetic Imaging Lp) WA 802898 2.7% Explore
Summit Diagnostics LLC (FKA Peak Diagnostics LLC) TX 802760 1.7% Explore
AMI at Inspira Womens Imaging Center of Vineland NJ 977429 1.4% Explore
10 IU Health Arnett Physicians Interventional Radiology - Greenbush Street IN 1009278 1.2% Explore
11 Patients Emergency Room TX 1034646 1.2% Explore

Fig. 1 Data is from the Definitive Healthcare ImagingView and Atlas All-Payor Claims products. Accessed January 2024.

The imaging centers that performed the most procedures in 2023

The imaging center performing the most procedures is Graves Gilbert Clinic – Bowling Green, located in Kentucky, having conducted 6.5% of imaging procedures tracked as of November 2023. Second is the Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center – Breast Health Clinic with 6.1% of imaging procedures performed. BioTech X-Ray – Ohio takes the third spot, having conducted 5.6% of imaging procedures tracked for 2023 through November.

The share of total procedures drops sharply to approximately 1% for the imaging centers ranked eighth through 11 on our list. This indicates a wide dispersion of procedure volumes across numerous imaging centers with the potential for future consolidation through merger and acquisition.

For more healthcare commercial intelligence, check out our Healthcare Insights on the number of imaging centers in the U.S. and the top imaging centers by MRI procedure volume.

What is the most common diagnostic imaging procedure?

The most performed diagnostic imaging procedure of 2023 was HCPCS 36415—a routine venipuncture. This procedure involves the collection of blood from a vein, typically to acquire blood samples for laboratory testing or to administer treatments intravenously. This procedure accounted for 4.5% of all imaging procedures performed as of November 2023.

Imaging center procedure volumes can help facilitate growth

Companies in the healthcare industry can leverage data on imaging center procedure volumes to facilitate growth in 2024 through various strategies. Here are some ways:

  • Strategic growth. Companies can use this data to inform strategic planning. Procedure volumes and other performance metrics can indicate where opportunities for expansion are.
  • Identifying market trends. Using ImagingView, companies can see which procedures are in high demand and growing in popularity at the top diagnostic imaging centers. Then, teams can tailor strategies based on specific market needs.
  • Service enhancements. In the same way companies can uncover the most performed procedures, they can also find imaging centers with gaps in service or areas needing improvement. This information can be valuable for companies looking to explore potential collaborations and partnerships or to determine which facilities to sell new services or equipment to.

The healthcare landscape is constantly changing, and the field of medical imaging is no different. As a form of outpatient care, imaging centers are experiencing higher volumes of patient visits than ever before as sites of care shift away from hospitals and into retail care, urgent care, and other forms of outpatient facilities. Read our blogs to learn about how AI is advancing medical imaging and other important trends in imaging.

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