Top 10 largest IDNs headquartered in Tennessee

 Tennessee is one of the largest states in the southern U.S with a population of nearly 7 million people. It’s also home to 170 active hospitals, according to our HospitalView product. Most of these hospitals are part of large-scale health systems, also known as integrated delivery networks (IDNs), focused on providing the best possible comprehensive care for their patients.

Here is a look at the largest health systems headquartered in Tennessee by the number of hospitals in their network.

Tennessee-based health systems with the most member hospitals

Rank IDN Name City Definitive ID # of Hospitals Net Patient Revenue # of Staffed Beds # of Discharges
1 HCA Healthcare Nashville 4710 211 $44,885,022,296 41,411 1,860,118
2 Community Health Systems Franklin 542233 90 $10,594,347,578 10,924 425,154
3 LifePoint Health Brentwood 7004 75 $6,868,719,221 6,852 211,744
4 Acadia Healthcare Franklin 7230 47 $1,140,664,828 4,364 127,398
5 Ardent Nashville 7054 33 $4,330,862,392 3,355 144,690
6 Quorum Health Corporation Brentwood 837570 22 $1,179,508,136 1,480 43,358
7 Ballad Health Johnson City 963398 22 $1,841,439,519 1,916 84,455
8 Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation Memphis 4734 21 $2,808,879,377 2,746 120,125
9 Surgery Partners Brentwood 574627 18 $1,306,057,513 562 19,203
10 Duke LifePoint Healthcare Brentwood 541933 15 $1,547,748,178 1,698 46,692

Fig. 1Data is from the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product. Data is accurate as of September 2022.

Which Tennessee health system has the most affiliated hospitals?

 HCA Healthcare is the largest IDN  headquartered in Tennessee with 211 hospitals across the network and 41,411 staffed beds. Although not all of its member hospitals are in Tennessee, HCA Healthcare is headquartered in Nashville and has 17 member hospitals across the state. Community Health System is second with 90 hospitals across its network and 10,924 staffed beds. Third is LifePoint Health with 75 member hospitals in its network and 6,852 staffed beds.

 Tennessee is also home to some of the largest health networks in the country, as four IDNs headquartered in Tennessee also appear on the top IDNs in the U.S by number of hospitals list with HCA Healthcare taking the top national spot.

What is an integrated delivery network (IDN)?

 An IDN is an acronym that stands for integrated delivery network. IDNs can also be referred to as integrated health networks (IHNs) or multihospital systems (MHS).

An IDN consists of a group of healthcare providers that operate across multiple geographic regions. An IDN usually offers a wide range of healthcare services with a goal of providing integrated care and sharing learnings across hospitals in the network in order to improve the quality of care for everyone.

How many IDNs are there in the U.S? 

Currently, there are about 1,000 IDNs throughout the U.S. according to data in our HospitalView product. Between 40% and 70% of healthcare providers in this country are affiliated with an IDN, and between 30% and 70% of facilities are owned by one.

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