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Largest individual ambulatory surgery centers and ASC companies by operating rooms

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are at the center of shifting trends in how Americans receive care. These outpatient surgical centers provide clinicians with a place to perform procedures that don’t require a hospital stay. Analysis of Medicare claims data suggests that many surgeries are increasingly being performed in ASCs rather than hospitals, as was once the norm. 

The shift in care to ASCs offers some notable benefits, including a reduced strain on nearby hospital systems, lower procedure costs for payors, and a diminished risk of surgical site infections.  

What’s the difference between an individual ASC and an ASC company? 

The main difference between an individual ASC and an ASC company is the number of facilities. An individual ASC is one facility that exclusively provides outpatient surgical services that typically don’t last more than 24 hours. By contrast, an ASC company is an entity that owns, manages, operates, or leases two or more facilities. Because an ASC company has more facilities, they’ll also have more operating spaces.  

Using Definitive Healthcare’s SurgeryCenterView product, we were able to create a list of the top 10 largest individual ASCs and ASC companies by their total number of operating rooms. Data is updated daily and was accessed on July 31, 2023. 

Largest individual ambulatory surgery centers by number of operating rooms

RankSurgery Center NameCityStateDefinitive IDNumber of Operating RoomsExplore dataset
1Bayside Ambulatory Surgery CenterMiamiFL55534181Explore
2Camp Lowell Surgery CenterTucsonAZ55369570Explore
3UCHealth Inverness Orthopedics and Spine Surgery CenterEnglewoodCO100391160Explore
4Odyssey ASC Endoscopy CenterIrvineCA55471851Explore
5The Surgery Center of AikenAikenSC55906142Explore
6SurgCenter of Western MarylandCumberlandMD57512141Explore
7Jacksonville Beach Surgery CenterJacksonville BeachFL55527541Explore
8Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center - Chandler ChandlerAZ55371940Explore
9Surgical Center of ConnecticutBridgeportCT55489240Explore
10Charleston Surgery CenterSummervilleSC55900640Explore

Fig. 1 Data is from the Definitive Healthcare’s SurgeryCenterView product. Data is proprietary and was accessed on July 31, 2023.  


Which individual ASCs have the most operating rooms? 

The ASC with the most operating rooms is Bayside Ambulatory Surgery Center, based in Miami, Florida. This facility currently has 81 operating rooms and is affiliated with HCA Healthcare, the largest health system in the U.S. by net patient revenue and number of hospital members. It was one of several HCA Healthcare’s ASCs to make Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers in 2022. 

The ASC with the second most operating rooms is Camp Lowell Surgery Center, with 70. This facility is located in Tucson, Arizona, and is a member of United Surgical Partners International. It was ranked third in the state of Arizona in Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers list.  

Rounding out the top three is UCHealth Inverness Orthopedics and Spine Surgery Center, based out of Englewood, Colorado. This facility is a part of the University of Colorado Health System and provides services specific to fractures or injuries to the hands, shoulders, elbows, and the ACL, with some additional arthroscopic work on ligaments, tendons, and cartilage repair.  

Largest ambulatory surgery center companies by number of operating rooms

RankSurgery Center NameCityStateDefinitive IDNumber of Operating RoomsExolore dataset
1Envision HealthcareNashvilleTN999046720Explore
3HCA Surgery Center DivisionNashvilleTN1040625665Explore
4PE GI SolutionsJamisonPA574834177Explore
5SurgCenter DevelopmentTowsonMD938525176Explore
6Covenant Physician Partners NashvilleTN585426139Explore
7American Vision PartnersTempeAZ97593977Explore
8Azura Vascular Care MalvernPA85135763Explore
9Sovereign HealthcareMission ViejoCA57585855Explore
10Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center CorporationPhoenixAZ83349055Explore

Fig. 2 Data is from the Definitive Healthcare’s SurgeryCenterView product. Data is proprietary and was accessed on August 3, 2023.  

Which ASC companies have the most operating rooms?  

The ASC company with the most operating rooms is a tie between two Nashville-based companies, Envision Healthcare and AMSURG. AMSURG is a subnetwork within Envision Healthcare following its acquisition in 2016. As a result, the two companies share OR spaces.  

In second place is HCA Surgery Center Division, also headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. This company has 665 operating rooms and is a subnetwork within HCA Healthcare that owns and operates HCA Healthcare’s surgery centers across the country.  

Which procedures are performed at ASCs? 

ASCs are usually equipped to perform the same procedures as traditional hospitals. In fact, some research suggests that ASCs can perform those procedures at a lower cost and in less time compared to traditional hospital ORs. 

Still, ASCs and hospitals differ in the types of procedures they typically handle. Some of the most common procedures performed at ASCs include cataract surgeries, colonoscopies, and injections. These are ideal for ASCs, which excel at diagnostic procedures and treatments for chronic conditions that don’t require hospitalization. 

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