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Top 10 ambulatory surgery centers by operating rooms

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are at the center of shifting trends in how Americans receive care.

These outpatient surgical centers provide clinicians a place to perform procedures that don’t require a hospital stay. Analysis of Medicare claims data suggests that many surgeries are increasingly being performed in ASCs rather than hospitals, as was once the norm.

The shift in care to ASCs offers some notable benefits, including reducing strain on nearby hospital systems, lower procedure costs for payors and a diminished risk of surgical site infections.

Which ambulatory surgery center corporations have the most operating rooms?

About two-thirds of ASCs are fully owned by physicians, while others are owned solely by or in collaboration with hospitals and corporations.

ASCs can perform a wide variety of high-volume and expensive procedures, making them potentially high-earning facilities. While having more operating rooms (ORs) doesn't always mean more income, our claims data show a strong correlation between the number of ORs and total Medicare charges.

Envision Healthcare of Nashville, Tennessee leads the country's ASCs with 720 ORs and reports more than $266 million in Medicare charges. Runner-up HCA Healthcare's Surgery Center Division maintains 693 ORs and brings in more than $151 million in Medicare charges annually.

10 leading ambulatory surgery centers by number of operating rooms

RankDefinitive IDSurgery center corporationCityState  Number of ORsTotal medicare chargesExplore dataset
1999046Envision HealthcareNashvilleTN   720$266,108,210 Explore
21040625HCA Surgery Center DivisionNashvilleTN693$151,628,931 Explore
393852SurgCenter DevelopmentTowsonMD   225$50,203,610 Explore
4574834Physicians EndoscopyJamisonPA186$40,345,173 Explore
5585426Covenant Physician PartnersNashvilleTN145$40,990,864 Explore
6975939American Vision PartnersTempeAZ 73$21,384,241 Explore
7851357Azura Vascular CareMalvernPA   62$58,887,813 Explore
8574630Ambulatory Surgical Centers of AmericaHanover  MA   58$17,634,291 Explore
9575858Sovereign HealthcareMission ViejoCA55$12,526,187 Explore
9833490Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center CorporationPhoenixAZ 55$12,857,613 Explore

Fig 1. Data from the Definitive Healthcare SurgeryCenterView product. Data gathered February 2022.

Which procedures are performed at ASCs?

ASCs are usually equipped to perform the same procedures as traditional hospitals. In fact, some research suggests that ASCs can perform those procedures at a lower cost and in less time compared to traditional hospital ORs.

Still, ASCs and hospitals differ in the types of procedures they typically handle. Some of the most common procedures performed at ASCs include cataract surgeries, colonoscopies and injections. These are ideal for ASCs, which excel at diagnostic procedures and treatments for chronic conditions that don’t require hospitalization.

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