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Emphasis in the healthcare industry has shifted from inpatient to outpatient procedures, driven in part by the rise of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). Though ASCs and other outpatient centers have their advantages, such as shorter wait times and the potential for lower costs, they don’t always have the capabilities of a hospital with an inpatient facility. One advantage of inpatient facilities is the wealth of resources available. If there are complications during a procedure, a hospital is more likely to have the staff and technology on hand to treat the patient without transporting them to another facility.

Of the top 20 inpatient procedures, 60 percent experienced a decline in procedure volume from 2014-2015. The procedure that experienced the greatest decline is “procedure on a single vessel,” (ICD-9 code 0040), while the procedure that experienced the greatest growth in performance volume is “venous catheterization for renal dialysis,” (ICD-9 code 3895). Increase in the procedure volume of renal dialysis catheterization aligns with the overall growth in demand for dialysis treatments in the U.S., as the number of Americans diagnosed with end-stage renal disease increases by approximately 5 percent every year.

Top 20 Inpatient Procedures by Volume (Medicare)

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ICD-9 CodeDescriptionProceduresTrendExplore These Claims
1. 9904 Transfusion of packed cells 881,602 -14.7% Explore This Code
2. 3995 Hemodialysis 569,938 -2.8% Explore This Code
3. 3893 Venous catheterization 514,562 +5.2% Explore This Code
4. 8856 Coronary arteriography using two catheters 404,671 +7.8% Explore This Code
5. 9604 Insertion of endotracheal tube 361,290 -1.0% Explore This Code
6. 8872 Diagnostic ultrasound of heart 357,268 -5.5% Explore This Code
7. 3897 Central venous catheter placement with guidance 352,518 -16.9% Explore This Code
8. 3722 Left heart cardiac catheterization 342,173 -0.9% Explore This Code
9. 9390 Non-invasive mechanical ventilation 318,981 +4.5% Explore This Code
10. 8154 Total knee replacement 318,122 +4.8% Explore This Code
11. 9671 Continuous invasive mechanical ventilation for less than 96 consecutive hours 300,975 -.01% Explore This Code
12. 8853 Angiocardiography of left heart structures 267,998 -4.9% Explore This Code
13. 4516 Esophagogastroduodenoscopy EGD with closed biopsy 262,606 +3.1% Explore This Code
14. 4513 Other endoscopy of small intestine 203,993 -3.7% Explore This Code
15. 0066 Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty or coronary atherectomy 192,481 +2.0% Explore This Code
16. 0040 Procedure on single vessel 192,011 -22.9% Explore This Code
17. 9672 Continuous invasive mechanical ventilation for 96 consecutive hours or more 179,961 -1.5% Explore This Code
18. 3895 Venous catheterization for renal dialysis 166,695 +19.6% Explore This Code
19. 8151 Total hip replacement 164,579 +8.4% Explore This Code
20. 3591 Thoracentesis 161,129 -4.9% Explore This Code