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Critical access hospitals are key care centers for rural and underserved patient populations across the U.S. Currently, about 20 percent of Americans live in a region considered “rural” by the U.S. government — or approximately 55 million people. Access to care facilities in rural areas, with low population density and limited public transportation options, is often restricted in these regions. The facilities that do exist, like critical access hospitals, are vital to their communities.

More than 1,300 critical access hospitals exist in the U.S., according to Definitive Healthcare data. These hospitals face strict guidelines in order to receive federal funding. They must have 25 beds or fewer, report an average stay of under 96 hours, and be more than 35 miles from another hospital (with exceptions for difficult terrain).

Of the critical access hospitals with the highest discharge volumes, four are located in Washington — the most of any single state.

Top 25 Critical Access Hospital by Discharge Volume

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Hospital NameStateDischargesNet Patient RevenueStaffed BedsExplore This Dataset
1.Spectrum Health Gerber MemorialMI2,335$90,891,816 25Explore This Profile
2.OSF St Francis Hospital & Medical GroupMI2,233$82,736,802 25Explore This Profile
3.Lourdes Medical Center WA2,177$112,102,801 25Explore This Profile
4.Bingham Memorial HospitalID2,000$107,002,101 25Explore This Profile
5.Socorro General HospitalNM1,987$24,971,157 24Explore This Profile
6.Astria Sunnyside HospitalWA1,905$102,505,660 25Explore This Profile
7.Hudson HospitalWI1,903$54,836,274 25Explore This Profile
8.CHI St Alexius Health Williston Medical CenterND1,852$85,813,416 25Explore This Profile
9.Newman Regional HealthKS1,827$64,648,482 23Explore This Profile
10.Angel Medical CenterNC1,809$61,011,062 25Explore This Profile
11.St Thomas More HospitalCO1,808$66,847,398 25Explore This Profile
12.Ridgecrest Regional HospitalCA1,807$117,806,279 25Explore This Profile
13.Cuyuna Regional Medical Center - CrosbyMN1,804$115,170,563 25Explore This Profile
14.Tahoe Forest HospitalCA1,795$135,636,276 25Explore This Profile
15.Erlanger Western Carolina HospitalNC1,791$59,751,222 25Explore This Profile
16.Copley HospitalVT1,781$64,983,966 25Explore This Profile
17.Bonner General HospitalID1,762$52,245,810 25Explore This Profile
18.CHI St Alexius Health Dickinson Medical CenterND1,761$60,421,878 25Explore This Profile
19.Sutter Lakeside HospitalCA1,724$80,056,849 25Explore This Profile
20.WhidbeyHealth Medical CenterWA1,718$101,477,496 25Explore This Profile
21.UPMC Susquehanna Soldiers & SailorsPA1,711$69,426,518 25Explore This Profile
22.UPMC ColePA1,699$85,200,600 25Explore This Profile
23.New Ulm Medical CenterMN1,699$96,788,059 19Explore This Profile
24.Galion HospitalOH1,686$80,011,699 25Explore This Profile
25.Mason General HospitalWA1,677$92,094,585 25Explore This Profile

Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare based on 2016 Provider Utilization and Payment Data Physician and Other Supplier Public Use File. All information is verified by our in-house research team.