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Top 25 hospitals with the highest bad debt ratios

Hospital bad debt is on the rise in the U.S., with more than one-third of active hospitals reporting more than $10 million in unrecovered funds. Of the 25 hospitals on our list, eight reported bad debt that was greater than their net patient revenue in fiscal year 2017. The high rates of bad debt could be attributed to many factors, including high percentages of uninsured patients, lack of revenue cycle management, and more.

The average bad debt ratio for the hospitals on our list is over 105 percent, with the median being just under 82 percent. All 25 hospitals reported a combined $2.3 billion in bad debt, with an average of $95 million.

Top 25 Hospitals with the Highest Bad Debt Ratios

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 Definitive IDHospital NameBad Debt RatioTotal Bad DebtNet Patient RevenueExplore This Dataset
1. 4153Hendrick Medical Center211.5%$134,318,079$63,505,002Explore This Profile
2. 829Lehigh Regional Medical Center131.9%$52,656,781$39,925,672Explore This Profile
3. 1636Southeastern KY Medical Center127.9%$8,649,454$6,761,585Explore This Profile
4. 3913Dallas Regional Medical Center117.7%$111,241,984$94,509,679Explore This Profile
5. 551805Florence Hospital102.4%$19,736,000$19,268,197Explore This Profile
6. 4680Gov Juan F Luis Hospital & Medical Center99.7%$33,979,778$34,091,376Explore This Profile
7. 4289Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital96.8%$83,906,815$86,651,048Explore This Profile
8. 5236Liberty - Dayton Community Hospital95.3%$5,272,798$5,532,409Explore This Profile
9. 1043Polk Medical Center94.5%$30,454,211$32,213,785Explore This Profile
10. 963Southern Regional Medical Center93.9%$134,330,059$142,991,756Explore This Profile
11. 1121Jackson Park Hospital & Medical Center93.2%$74,046,188$79,466,162Explore This Profile
12. 777090Arizona General Hospital - Laveen92.9%$71,820,474$77,345,233Explore This Profile
13. 6108Jenkins County Medical Center87.8%$6,277,947$7,146,401Explore This Profile
14. 3848CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Beeville82.4%$27,684,671$33,589,041Explore This Profile
15. 48Vaughan Regional Medical Center79.8%$48,946,974$61,327,741Explore This Profile
16. 3950Ennis Regional Medical Center76.5%$16,647,748$21,763,728Explore This Profile
17. 3954University Medical Center of El Paso76.0%$199,399,125$262,195,376Explore This Profile
18. 4147John Peter Smith Hospital73.8%$311,197,359$421,402,209Explore This Profile
19. 4057CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice73.8%$37,266,919$50,481,926Explore This Profile
20. 5558Calhoun Liberty Hospital72.0%$5,107,039$7,096,213Explore This Profile
21. 4066CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Kleberg66.9%$29,244,450$43,705,526Explore This Profile
22. 3929Methodist Richardson Medical Center66.0%$18,626,125$28,237,587Explore This Profile
23. 3010FirstHealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital63.8%$8,050,566$12,620,643Explore This Profile
24. 3982CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Medical Center - Longview63.8%$151,625,653$237,708,377Explore This Profile
25. 4034Mission Regional Medical Center62.3%$74,349,849$119,342,316Explore This Profile


Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare's Hospitals & IDNs database. Bed debt to net patient revenue and other financial information from CMS cost report period ending December 31, 2019. Data is from October 2020 Medicare Cost Report.

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