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Top 5 HCA Healthcare hospitals in Las Vegas by net patient revenue

The following list highlights the top five HCA Healthcare hospitals in Las Vegas by net patient revenue (NPR). These hospitals are associated with HCA Healthcare’s Far West Division, which serves communities across Nevada and California.  

What is net patient revenue? 

Net patient revenue is the dollar amount received for all patient care performed in a hospital or health system. It’s calculated as the difference between gross patient revenue and other charges such as contractual adjustments, charity care, foundation earnings, bad debt, and more.  

Why is net patient revenue important? 

Growing net patient revenue is often considered to be one of the most difficult challenges for hospitals nationwide. Between fluctuating patient volumes and decreasing reimbursement rates, improving financial performance is top-of-mind for many healthcare providers’ strategists. Healthcare commercial intelligence can help hospitals optimize revenue growth with comprehensive insights into payor claims data, patient leakage, diagnosis and procedure trends and more.  

What is the net patient revenue for HCA hospitals in Las Vegas? 

The hospitals on this list account for over $3 billion in combined net patient revenue, with an average NPR of $602 million. Revenue from HCA hospitals in Las Vegas comprises about 58% of HCA’s Far West Division.  

Although this post only explores the top HCA hospitals in Las Vegas, you can see how these healthcare organizations stack up against the top 20 HCA hospitals in the western U.S. here.  

HCA hospitals in Las Vegas with the highest net patient revenue

Rank Hospital name Definitive ID IDN IDN parent Net patient revenue Explore dataset
HCA Far West Division - Sunrise Health 550031 HCA Far West Division HCA Healthcare $1,442,296,906  Explore
Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center 2586 HCA Far West Division HCA Healthcare $660,760,596  Explore
MountainView Hospital 2591 HCA Far West Division HCA Healthcare $517,379,694  Explore
Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center 2595 HCA Far West Division HCA Healthcare $264,156,616  Explore
Sunrise Children’s Hospital 550033 HCA Far West Division HCA Healthcare $126,081,059  Explore

Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare’s HospitalView database. Data is from October 2021 Medicare Cost Report release. Data accessed January 6, 2022. 

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