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Top Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) by total costs

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are community-based healthcare providers that receive funds from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) to provide primary care services in underserved communities.

The following list highlights the top 20 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) by total costs. The data depicted comes from the most recent 12-month interval tracked in our database.

Top 20 FQHCs by total costs

Rank FQHC name Definitive ID City State Total costs Total cost per visit Explore dataset
Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic 19399 Toppenish WA $2,959,884,405  $151  Explore
Omni Family Health 19264 Bakersfield CA $2,317,622,270  $206  Explore
Golden Valley Health Centers 18976 Merced CA $1,411,458,866  $259  Explore
Borrego Community Health Foundation 18720 Riverside CA $976,922,810  $297  Explore
United Health Centers of the San Joaquin Valley 19779 Fresno CA $934,801,197  $163  Explore
WellSpace Health 963305 Sacramento CA $882,381,289  $265  Explore
Family Health Centers of San Diego Inc 19331 San Diego CA $830,860,441  $461  Explore
El Rio Santa Cruz Neighborhood Health Center Inc 19360 Tucson AZ $508,426,357  $300  Explore
Sun River Health  18855 Peekskill NY $485,664,065  $231  Explore
10 Clinica Sierra Vista 19516 Bakersfield CA $417,436,628  $239  Explore
11 Multnomah County 19261 Portland OR $370,032,199  $679  Explore
12 North Portland Health Center 16129 Portland OR $370,032,199  $679  Explore
13 Peekskill Area Health Center 15030 Peekskill NY $340,757,710  $257  Explore
14 Borrego Medical Clinic 17554 Borrego Springs CA $307,455,580  $324  Explore
15 Family Healthcare Network 19648 Visalia CA $303,012,769  $176  Explore
16 Barrio Comprehensive Family Health Care Center Inc 19556 San Antonio TX $302,373,589  $230  Explore
17 Sea Mar Community Health Centers 19207 Seattle WA $284,043,778  $277  Explore
18 Beach Area Family Health Center 11906 San Diego CA $275,999,597  $351  Explore
19 Sea Mar CHC - Seattle Clinic 17269 Seattle WA $274,827,920  $386  Explore
20 OneWorld Community Health Centers Inc 19417 Omaha NE $242,494,936  $198 Explore

Fig. 1 Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s ClinicView product. Data on total cost is from the January 2023 Medicare Cost Report release and represents the most recent 12-month interval tracked in our database. Data is accurate as of February 2023.

Which FQHC has the highest total costs?

The included FQHCs account for over $14 billion in combined total cost with an average cost per visit of $306. The FQHC with the highest total costs is Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic, headquartered in Toppenish, Washington. This FQHC has a total cost of nearly $3 billion and a total cost per visit of $151, the lowest out of any on this list. Since its founding in 1978, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic has slowly become one of the largest community health centers in the Northwest, now having over 40 locations across Washington and Oregon. This FQHC accounts for 20% of the combined costs represented on this list.

The FQHC with the second highest total costs is Omni Family Health, headquartered in Bakersfield, California. This FQHC has a total cost of $2,317,622,270 and a total cost per visit of $206. This health center was also founded in 1978 and also has nearly 40 locations across California. Omni Family Health accounts for more than 15% of the combined costs represented on this list.

The FQHC with the third highest total costs is Golden Valley Health Centers, headquartered in Merced, California. This FQHC has a total cost of $1,411,458,866, nearly half the total cost of both FQHC in the top two spots. Golden Valley Health Centers has 45 locations across central California, including four school-based health centers, and two freestanding women’s health centers. They account for nearly 10% of the combined costs represented on this list.

Where are the FQHCs with the highest costs located?

California is the most frequently represented state on the list appearing 10 times — including two of top three spots and four out of the top five. The only other states to appear more than once are Washington and Oregon with two and three spots respectively. These three states account for 75% of the FQHCs on this list.

Why are FQHCs important to healthcare?

FQHCs are important because they provide preventative care, including health, oral and mental health/substance abuse services to medically underserved and vulnerable groups of people.

Patients who seek care at FQHCs may be uninsured or living below the poverty line and FQHCs provide care they may not be able to afford elsewhere. According to the HRSA, 1 in 11 people rely on an FQHC for care.

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