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Top HCA hospitals in the southeast

The largest healthcare system in the country, HCA Healthcare, has more than 200 hospitals and 150 affiliated physician groups.

This Healthcare Insight reviews data from the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product to explore the Nashville-based hospital network’s presence in the southeastern U.S. and the top HCA Healthcare southeast hospitals.

How many HCA Healthcare divisions are in the southeastern U.S.?

The southeastern region of the U.S. includes the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. The 12 HCA Healthcare southeast regions include:

  • HCA Capital Division
  • HCA Capital Division - HCA Virginia Health System
  • HCA Capital Division - HCA Virginia Health System - LewisGale Regional Health System
  • HCA Florida Healthcare - HCA East Florida Division
  • HCA Florida Healthcare - HCA North Florida Division
  • HCA Florida Healthcare - HCA West Florida Division
  • HCA Mid America Division (AKA HCA Midwest Health)
  • HCA North Carolina Division (AKA Mission Health System)
  • HCA South Atlantic Division
  • HCA South Atlantic Division - Trident Health
  • TriStar Division - Parkridge Health System
  • TriStar Division - TriStar Health

How many HCA southeast hospitals are there?

According to our HCA Healthcare hospitals by state list, nearly half, or 105, of HCA Healthcare’s 214 hospitals are located in the southeastern U.S.

Which southeast state has the most HCA Healthcare hospitals?

HCA Healthcare has hospitals in eight southeastern states with the most HCA hospitals in Florida.

Southeastern states by number of HCA hospitals

StateNumber of HCA Healthcare southeast hospitalsExplore dataset
North Carolina10Explore
South Carolina5Explore

Fig. 1 Data is from the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product. Accessed September 2023.

The following list highlights the top 20 HCA Healthcare hospitals in the southeastern United States by net patient revenue (NPR). Results in the following analysis are aggregated from the most recent 12-month interval tracked in our database.

Top HCA Healthcare southeast hospitals by net patient revenue

RankDefinitive IDHCA Healthcare hospital nameLocationHCA divisionNet patient revenueExplore dataset
12948Mission Hospital - Memorial CampusAsheville, NCHCA North Carolina Division (AKA Mission Health System)$1,299,556,635 Explore
23746TriStar Centennial Medical CenterNashville, TNTriStar Division - TriStar Health$991,819,243 Explore
34264Johnston-Willis HospitalRichmond, VAHCA Capital Division - HCA Virginia Health System$898,558,592 Explore
4957Memorial Health University Medical Center (AKA Memorial Health)Savannah, GAHCA South Atlantic Division$708,414,367 Explore
5840HCA Florida Ocala Hospital (FKA Ocala Regional Medical Center)Ocala, FLHCA Florida Healthcare - HCA North Florida Division$693,094,344 Explore
6890HCA Florida JFK Hospital (FKA JFK Medical Center)Atlantis, FLHCA Florida Healthcare - HCA East Florida Division$652,770,644 Explore
7757HCA Florida North Florida Hospital (FKA North Florida Regional Medical Center)Gainesville, FLHCA Florida Healthcare - HCA North Florida Division$639,292,419 Explore
84280Henrico Doctors HospitalRichmond, VAHCA Capital Division - HCA Virginia Health System$636,683,418 Explore
93619Trident Medical CenterCharleston, SCHCA South Atlantic Division - Trident Health$611,528,371 Explore
103648Grand Strand Medical CenterMyrtle Beach, SCHCA South Atlantic Division$568,696,372 Explore
111048Doctors Hospital of AugustaAugusta, GAHCA South Atlantic Division$546,375,150 Explore
12852HCA Florida Kendall Hospital (FKA Kendall Regional Medical Center)Miami, FLHCA Florida Healthcare - HCA East Florida Division$541,234,879 Explore
13811HCA Florida Brandon Hospital (FKA Brandon Regional Hospital)Brandon, FLHCA Florida Healthcare - HCA West Florida Division$498,218,652 Explore
14875HCA Florida Osceola Hospital (FKA Osceola Regional Medical Center)Kissimmee, FLHCA Florida Healthcare - HCA North Florida Division$473,776,095 Explore
15791HCA Florida Memorial Hospital (FKA Memorial Hospital Jacksonville)Jacksonville, FLHCA South Atlantic Division$456,135,295 Explore
16915HCA Florida Lawnwood Hospital (FKA Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute)Fort Pierce, FLHCA Florida Healthcare - HCA East Florida Division$447,593,776 Explore
173768Parkridge Medical CenterChattanooga, TNTriStar Division - Parkridge Health System$440,237,749 Explore
184339LewisGale Medical CenterSalem, VAHCA Capital Division - HCA Virginia Health System - LewisGale Regional Health System$405,005,976 Explore
19785HCA Florida Orange Park Hospital (FKA Orange Park Medical Center)Orange Park, FLHCA South Atlantic Division$398,782,396 Explore
20849HCA Florida Mercy Hospital (FKA Mercy Hospital)Miami, FLHCA Florida Healthcare - HCA East Florida Division$388,123,857 Explore

Fig. 2 Data is from the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product and sourced from hospital Medicare Cost Report. Accessed September 2023.

What is the largest HCA hospital in the southeast?

Mission Hospital - Memorial Campus in Asheville, North Carolina has the highest net patient revenue among HCA Healthcare southeast hospitals at nearly $1.3 billion. It has the second highest net patient revenue among all HCA Healthcare hospitals and is a top hospital in the state of North Carolina.

Ten of the top 20 HCA hospitals in the southeast are in Florida and three are in Virginia.

The hospitals on this list have an average net patient revenue of $614 million. In comparison, the national average hospital net patient revenue is $207.6 million, and about $184 million for hospitals in the southeastern U.S.

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