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Top 10 health systems by hospital equipment certificates of need

In our recent review of the most common types of certificates of need (CONs), purchases for new and/or replacement hospital equipment were in the top four types of requests from healthcare systems.

In the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product, we collect CONs from the 36 states/federal jurisdictions with participating programs. CONs are capital expenditures and projects that go through certain approvals designed to help control healthcare costs.

This list reviews the healthcare systems, or integrated delivery networks (IDNs), that issued the most CONs between January 2018 and October 2022 in the “equipment new/replace” category.

Top healthcare systems with the most hospital equipment CONs

Rank Definitive ID IDN name Location Equipment CONs Explore dataset
274238 Piedmont Healthcare System Atlanta, GA 50 Explore
4759 Emory Healthcare Atlanta, GA 43 Explore
4721 McLaren Health Care Corporation Grand Blanc, MI 38 Explore
4733 Wellstar Health System Marietta, GA 33 Explore
7228 Northside Hospital System Atlanta, GA 31 Explore
780656 HCA South Atlantic Division Charleston, SC 27 Explore
4746 BHSH Beaumont Health (AKA Beaumont Health System) Royal Oak, MI 23 Explore
4709 Henry Ford Health (FKA Henry Ford Health System) Detroit, MI 18 Explore
7099 Munson Healthcare Traverse City, MI 16 Explore
10 4744 Northwell Health (AKA North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System) New Hyde Park, NY 16 Explore

Fig. 1 Data is from the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product. CONs and hospital purchasing data are from a variety of sources and updated daily. Data accessed October 2022.

What healthcare system has the most hospital equipment CONs?

Between January 2018 and October 2022, Piedmont Healthcare System and Emory Healthcare had the most CONs for hospital equipment purchases. Emory Healthcare includes Emory University Hospital, one of the largest U.S. hospitals by net patient revenue.

Four of the healthcare systems on the list are in Georgia and four are also in Michigan. These states also appear in the top 10 for CON activity related to construction, and their laws around CONs may generate a higher volume overall.

What types of hospital equipment are most requested in CONs?

Reviewing thousands of hospital CONs, the most common types of equipment requests include those for diagnostic and medical imaging purchases. Specifically, the most reported equipment CONs include:

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