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Top hospitals in Connecticut by net patient revenue

Despite being the fourth smallest U.S. state by total area, Connecticut is not short on hospitals. With 53 active hospitals in the state, Connecticut averages roughly one hospital every 100 square miles.

Connecticut’s 53 hospitals have a collective average net patient revenue (NPR) of $412 million. That is nearly double the nationwide hospital average of $207.6 million. Using the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product, we have ranked the top hospitals in Connecticut by net patient revenue. The data is from the Medicare Cost Report and is according to the most recent 12-month interval tracked in our database.

Top 25 Connecticut hospitals by NPR

RankConnecticut hospital nameCityStateDefinitive IDNet patient revenueExplore dataset
1Yale New Haven HospitalNew HavenCT731$3,445,415,196 Explore
2Hartford HospitalHartfordCT718$1,732,558,310 Explore
3Saint Francis Hospital and Medical CenterHartfordCT723$877,610,372 Explore
4Stamford Hospital (AKA Stamford Health)StamfordCT710$786,186,543 Explore
5Bridgeport HospitalBridgeportCT712$744,647,313 Explore
6Danbury HospitalDanburyCT714$714,827,123 Explore
7The Hospital of Central Connecticut - Bradley Memorial CampusSouthingtonCT716$541,839,131 Explore
8UConn John Dempsey Hospital (AKA UConn Health Center)FarmingtonCT717$533,884,633 Explore
9Greenwich HospitalGreenwichCT713$498,013,996 Explore
10St Vincents Medical CenterBridgeportCT711$481,343,164 Explore
11Middlesex Hospital (AKA Middlesex Health System)MiddletownCT727$449,721,000 Explore
12Lawrence & Memorial HospitalNew LondonCT737$422,744,248 Explore
13Connecticut Childrens Medical CenterHartfordCT722$416,759,823 Explore
14The William W Backus Hospital (AKA Backus Hospital)NorwichCT738$411,692,641 Explore
15MidState Medical CenterMeridenCT730$346,752,955 Explore
16Norwalk HospitalNorwalkCT715$334,889,502 Explore
17Saint Marys HospitalWaterburyCT729$311,204,270 Explore
18Waterbury Hospital (AKA Waterbury HEALTH)WaterburyCT735$248,962,831 Explore
19Griffin HospitalDerbyCT734$217,163,450 Explore
20Manchester Memorial HospitalManchesterCT719$208,378,290 Explore
21Charlotte Hungerford HospitalTorringtonCT725$163,619,437 Explore
22Bristol Health (FKA Bristol Hospital)BristolCT720$146,041,291 Explore
23Windham Hospital (FKA Windham Community Memorial Hospital)WillimanticCT742$123,704,286 Explore
24Hospital for Special CareNew BritainCT5400$115,463,212 Explore
25Day Kimball HospitalPutnamCT741$107,572,940 Explore

Fig. 1. Data is from the Definitive Healthcare HopitalView product. Revenue data is sourced from the Medicare Cost Report and is according to the most recent 12-month interval tracked in our database. Data accessed September 2023.

What is the #1 hospital in Connecticut?

The top hospital in CT by net patient revenue is Yale New Haven Hospital, with an NPR of $3.4 billion. Not only does this hospital top the list for the state of Connecticut, but also ranks 14th for the top hospitals in the country by net patient revenue.

With an NPR of $1.7 billion, Hartford Hospital comes in second on the list of top hospitals in CT by net patient revenue.

The third top Connecticut hospital by net patient revenue is Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, with an NPR of $877 million.

These three hospitals are located in New Haven and Hartford, which both top the list of the most populated cities in Connecticut. Additionally, they are all members of profitable health systems. Being in highly populated areas, as well as being affiliated with health systems are two likely factors contributing to their high net patient revenues.

What is the largest health system in Connecticut?

The largest health system in Connecticut by net patient revenue is Yale New Haven Health System (Definitive ID 4767). Yale New Haven Hospital, the top hospital by NPR, is part of this health system.

Health system affiliation is one of the key factors contributing to a hospital’s profitability, explaining why 17 of the 25 hospitals above are affiliated with a health system. Being a member of a health system increases healthcare providers’ access to a larger patient population, as providers try to refer patients to facilities within the same network. Additionally, a hospital that is affiliated with a health system typically has access to all the resources provided within that system rather than operating independently with resources limited to their own facility. Other factors which impact a hospital’s profitability include location, process improvements, and multiple revenue streams.

Why is net patient revenue important?

Net patient revenue is a key financial metric for healthcare organizations. Understanding which hospitals have the highest NPR can help to identify which hospitals have the greatest financial strength. From an operational perspective, an organization with greater financial strength can more successfully develop meaningful and advanced business strategies. From a sales and marketing perspective, net patient revenue insights can help to identify facilities with larger budgets for purchasing, or facilities that could financially benefit from new products or services.

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