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Top 10 hospitals for neurology and neuromuscular procedures

Hundreds of millions of people across the globe suffer from neurological disorders. Neurological disorders include a wide range of conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Among the most burdensome in the U.S. are stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and migraine. 

Although some neurological diseases have no cure, many can be controlled with early diagnosis and adequate treatment. Physicians use a variety of techniques and technologies to detect and treat disorders of the nervous system. Some of the most common neurology and neuromuscular procedures include electromyogram (EMG), polysomnography (also called a sleep study), and electroencephalogram (EEG). 

Most neurology and neuromuscular procedures are performed as outpatient care. Using Definitive Healthcare’s Atlas All-Payor Claimsproduct, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 hospitals for neurology and neuromuscular procedures ranked by their share of total outpatient procedures to date in 2023. 

Top hospitals by neurology and neuromuscular procedure volume

RankHospitalCityState% Total ProceduresExolore dataset
1Cleveland Clinic Main CampusClevelandOH5.40%Explore
2University HospitalAnn ArborMI2.30%Explore
3Stanford Hospital - 300 Pasteur DrStanfordCA1.30%Explore
4Tisch HospitalNew YorkNY0.90%Explore
5Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical CenterBangorME0.90%Explore
6Boston Childrens HospitalBostonMA0.80%Explore
7IU Health Methodist HospitalIndianapolisIN0.70%Explore
8Valley Medical CenterRentonWA0.60%Explore
9Mayo Clinic Hospital - FloridaJacksonvilleFL0.60%Explore
10Marietta Memorial Hospital CampusMariettaOH0.60%Explore

Fig 1. Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s Atlas All-Payor Claims product for the calendar year 2023 through November. Claims data is sourced from multiple medical claims clearinghouses in the United States and updated monthly. Accessed December 2023.

Which hospitals have performed the most neurology and neuromuscular procedures in 2023? 

So far, Cleveland Clinic Main Campus has performed the highest percentage of neurology and neuromuscular procedures in 2023, accounting for 5.4% of the total procedures in the U.S. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Clinic also performed the most outpatient procedures in the U.S. in 2022 and is ranked 16th in the nation for neurology and neurosurgery by U.S. News and World Report. 

The hospital with the second highest neurology and neuromuscular procedure volume is University Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, accounting for 2.3% of the total neurology and neuromuscular procedures in the U.S. so far this year. Fittingly, this facility also performed the second-highest number of outpatient procedures in 2022 at 1.4% and is ranked slightly behind Cleveland Clinic for neurology and neurosurgery by U.S. News and World Report, placing 37th.  

Rounding out the top three is Stanford Hospital - 300 Pasteur Dr, accounting for 1.3% of total U.S. procedures. Despite its third-place spot, this facility places the highest for neurology and neurosurgery among the other top hospitals, ranking #12 in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report. 

What is neurology? 

Neurology is a field of medicine focused on disorders of the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. A neurologist is a physician specializing in neurology and trained to diagnose and treat neurological disorders and neuromuscular disorders. Some examples of conditions neurologists may treat include Alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, epilepsy, migraine, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and sleep disorders, among others. 

Additionally, neurology can be divided further into various subspecialties, such as: 

  • Clinical neurophysiology 
  • Neurodevelopment disabilities 
  • Vascular neurology 
  • Child neurology 
  • Pain medicine 
  • Hospice and palliative medicine 
  • Sleep medicine 
  • Endovascular surgical neuroradiology 
  • Neuromuscular medicine 

What procedures do neurologists perform? 

Neurologists perform various tests and procedures to diagnose and treat neurological diseases. Some of these procedures include: 

  • Angiography 
  • Biopsy 
  • Cerebrospinal fluid analysis 
  • Computed tomography (CT) 
  • Electroencephalography (EEG) 
  • Electromyography (EMG) 
  • Electronystagmography (ENG) 
  • Evoked potentials 
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 
  • Myelography 
  • Polysomnogram 
  • Positron emission tomography (PET) 
  • Thermography 

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