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Top 10 neurology and neuromuscular procedures in 2021

According to a study published in the Journal of American Medical Association, the prevalence of neurological conditions in the U.S. is increasing. For this reason, physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers working in the neurology and neuromuscular field will continue to be crucial in providing quality care to people living with these conditions.  

Definitive Healthcare currently tracks more than 135 codes related to neurology and neuromuscular procedures. In recognition of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, we compiled a list of the top 10 codes by the total number of procedures below. 

Top 10 neurology and neuromuscular procedures with the greatest volume

Rank CPT code CPT description # total procedures % total procedures Total charges Explore dataset
95886 Needle EMG each extremity with paraspinal area complete 975,639 14.0% $428,119,138  Explore
95810 Polysomnography 6/>yrs sleep 4/> additional parameters attended 503,508 7.2% $1,263,775,972  Explore
95806 Sleep study unattended & respiratory effort 409,990 5.9% $183,309,249  Explore
95811 Polysomnography 6/>yrs sleep w/CPAP 4/> additional parameters attended 393,888 5.7% $1,020,831,522  Explore
95816 EEG awake and drowsy 384,100 5.5% $225,817,084  Explore
95819 EEG awake and asleep 310,573 4.5% $217,660,310  Explore
95911 Nerve conduction test 9-10 studies 289,423 4.2% $217,905,301  Explore
95910 Nerve conduction test 7-8 studies 235,801 3.4% $148,860,290  Explore
95720 EEG PHY/QHP each increase with VEEG 223,208 3.2% $159,099,025  Explore
10 95938 Somatosensory testing 209,037 3.0% $572,039,409  Explore

Fig. 1Data is from the Definitive Healthcare ClaimsMx product. Data is accurate as of June 2022. 

Which neurology and neuromuscular code had the most procedures in 2021? 

Code 95886, needle EMG each extremity with paraspinal area complete, had the most procedures with 975,639 and 14% of total procedures. The second code 95810, polysomnography 6/>yrs sleep 4/> additional parameters attended, had 503,508 procedures and 7.2% of total procedures. The third code 95806, sleep study unattended & respiratory effort, had 409,990 total procedures and 5.9% of total procedures.  

The top 10 neurology and neuromuscular procedure codes account for a total of 3,935,167 procedures, with an average of 393,517. They also total $4,437,417,300 in charges, with an average of $443,741,730. 

What is sleep medicine? 

Notably, several of the codes in the above list, including codes 95810, 95806 and 95811, relate to sleep medicine, which is a medical specialty focused on sleep disorders like sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome. In many cases, healthcare providers utilize sleep studies to non-invasively examine a patient’s brain and body while sleeping overnight. Through these studies, physicians can learn more about the patients’ presenting issues, helping them diagnose and treat various conditions. 

Polysomnography, which is the subject of codes 95810 and 95811, is a type of sleep study.  

What are neurology and neuromuscular medicine?  

Neurology is the study and treatment of disorders related to the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. There are many neurological conditions, including: 

  • Stroke 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Headache disorders 
  • Parkinson’s  
  • Spinal cord disorders 
  • Alzheimer’s  

Neuromuscular medicine is a subspecialty of neurology that treats disorders related to muscle, nerve or neuromuscular junction like ALS.  

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