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Top hospitals in Utah by net patient revenue

Utah is the 30th most populous state, with nearly 3.5 million people calling it home. According to Definitive Healthcare data, Utah also has roughly 69 hospitals and 15 integrated delivery networks (IDNs).

Below, we have compiled a list of the top 25 hospitals in Utah based on net patient revenue (NPR) using HospitalView. NPR is the amount of money a hospital generates from its patient services and is a standard metric of a healthcare organization’s financial performance. It collects this money through sources such as commercial insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Utah hospitals with the highest net patient revenue

Rank UT hospital name City Definitive ID Net patient revenue # of discharges # of staffed beds Explore dataset 
University of Utah Hospital Salt Lake City 4222 $2,716,282,587  36,141 472 Explore
Intermountain Medical Center Murray 4223 $1,239,994,770  25,908 486 Explore
Primary Childrens Hospital Salt Lake City 4216 $895,507,124  13,840 287 Explore
St George Regional Hospital (FKA Dixie Regional Medical Center) Saint George 4240 $790,125,189  17,237 164 Explore
Utah Valley Hospital Provo 4238 $707,254,309  17,171 338 Explore
McKay-Dee Hospital Ogden 4241 $629,899,741  13,961 236 Explore
St Marks Hospital Salt Lake City 4219 $539,036,194  12,542 263 Explore
Holy Cross Hospital - Jordan Valley (FKA Jordan Valley Medical Center) West Jordan 4221 $329,386,268  8,688 171 Explore
Logan Regional Hospital Logan 4204 $320,091,793  5,966 114 Explore
10 LDS Hospital Salt Lake City 4224 $307,047,950  6,737 216 Explore
11 Ogden Regional Medical Center Ogden 4242 $299,327,810  8,560 174 Explore
12 Holy Cross Hospital - Davis (FKA Davis Hospital and Medical Center) Layton 4207 $217,238,210  4,200 175 Explore
13 American Fork Hospital American Fork 4234 $216,785,455  5,691 88 Explore
14 Riverton Hospital Riverton 4215 $195,830,991  5,510 87 Explore
15 Timpanogos Regional Hospital Orem 4235 $156,096,643  4,384 117 Explore
16 Cedar City Hospital (FKA Valley View Medical Center) Cedar City 4211 $136,805,444  2,173 48 Explore
17 Lone Peak Hospital Draper 575766 $133,129,352  2,953 61 Explore
18 Alta View Hospital Sandy 4218 $130,931,371  2,807 57 Explore
19 Gunnison Valley Hospital Gunnison 4229 $129,923,009  588 25 Explore
20 Intermountain Layton Hospital (AKA Layton Hospital) Layton 851005 $121,102,250  2,478 43 Explore
21 Park City Hospital (FKA Park City Medical Center) Park City 4231 $120,798,905  1,406 37 Explore
22 Uintah Basin Medical Center Roosevelt 4209 $119,920,811  1,277 33 Explore
23 Lakeview Hospital Bountiful 4208 $111,486,054  2,981 84 Explore
24 Mountain West Medical Center Tooele 4232 $96,064,274  1,578 36 Explore
25 Holy Cross Hospital Salt Lake (FKA Salt Lake Regional Medical Center) Salt Lake City 4225 $92,359,998  1,829 107 Explore

Fig. 1 - Data is from the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product. Data is accurate as of March 2024.

What Utah hospitals have the highest net patient revenue?

The Utah hospital with the highest net patient revenue is the University of Utah Hospital, with an NPR of $2.7 billion. It also has the highest number of patient discharges, with over 10,000 more patients being treated at this center than Utah’s second-highest hospital. This higher volume of patients undoubtedly contributes to the University of Utah Hospital’s higher NPR.

The University of Utah Hospital is part of an extensive healthcare system that includes five hospitals, 11 community health centers, and over 200 medical specialties. It is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the #1 hospital in Utah and is nationally ranked in 2 adult specialties: ophthalmology (#10) and rehabilitation (#47).

The hospital with the second highest NPR in Utah is Intermountain Medical Center, with an NPR of $1.2 billion. It contains five centers of excellence—heart/lung care, women’s newborn care, outpatient care, emergency/trauma care, and cancer care. The Intermountain Medical Center is also accredited by the American Society for Radiation Oncology for Excellence, showing its commitment to high-quality patient care. This not-for-profit hospital is ranked as the #2 hospital in Utah by U.S. News & World Report.

Finally, Primary Children’s Hospital has Utah’s third-highest net patient revenue, with an NPR of $895 million. This not-for-profit hospital is part of the same IDN as the second-highest hospital, Intermountain Medical Center, and is partnered with Alaska Native Medical Center, St. Vincent Healthcare in Montana, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Nevada, Layton Hospital in Utah, Riverton Hospital in Utah, and Utah Valley Hospital. It is ranked as the #1 children’s hospital in Utah and nationally ranks in 7 children’s specialties.

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Using an IDN’s net patient revenue for your healthcare commercialization strategy

While NPR can be a critical metric of a hospital’s financial performance—which can help you size the market, align sales territories, or make strategic investment decisions—the NPR of a health system, as a whole, can also be valuable information.

In Utah, the IDN which houses more top-ranking hospitals than any other is the Intermountain Health IDN, of which the second-place hospital is a part. Of the top 25 hospitals, 13 are a part of the Intermountain Health IDN and bring in a combined NPR of $5.8 billion. Knowing the NPR of a single hospital and the health network it is included within can influence your healthcare commercialization strategy.

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