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Most common inpatient procedures at children’s hospitals

Children’s hospitals occupy a vital position in the healthcare landscape. These facilities provide optimal care to infants, children, and adolescents in an environment that caters to their specific needs. Definitive Healthcare tracks more than 260 children’s hospitals across the U.S. in our HospitalView product.

This Healthcare Insight reviews data from the Atlas All-Payor Claims Dataset and the HospitalView product to rank the top 10 inpatient procedures performed at children’s hospitals. Calendar year 2023 procedures through the month of November were used for the analysis.

Top 10 inpatient procedures at children’s hospitals

RANKICD-10-PCS CodeICD-10-PCS Description% of inpatient procedures in U.S.Explore dataset
13E0234ZIntroduction of serum, toxoid and vaccine into muscle, percutaneous approach2.30%Explore
210E0XZZDelivery of products of conception, external approach2.30%Explore
302HV33ZInsertion of infusion device into superior vena cava, percutaneous approach1.90%Explore
40VTTXZZResection of prepuce, external approach1.80%Explore
510907ZCDrainage of amniotic fluid, therapeutic from products of conception, via natural or artificial opening1.50%Explore
64A1HXCZMonitoring of products of conception, cardiac rate, external approach1.40%Explore
75A09357Assistance with respiratory ventilation, less than 24 consecutive hours, continuous positive airway pressure1.30%Explore
8009U3ZXDrainage of spinal canal, percutaneous approach, diagnostic1.20%Explore
90BH17EZInsertion of endotracheal airway into trachea, via natural or artificial opening1.20%Explore
105A1955ZRespiratory ventilation, greater than 96 consecutive hours1.20%Explore

Fig. 1 Data from the Definitive Healthcare Atlas All-Payor Claims and HospitalView products for calendar year 2023 through November. Claims data is sourced from multiple medical claims clearinghouses in the United States and updated monthly. Accessed December 2023.

What are the most common procedures performed at children’s hospitals?

The most common procedure performed at children’s hospitals on the list is ICD-10 code 3E0234Z, introduction of serum, toxoid and vaccine into muscle, percutaneous approach. Many vaccines are given during childhood and pregnancy.

A number of the top inpatient procedure codes for children’s hospitals are related to pregnancy and childbirth. For example, ICD-10 codes 10E0XZZ and 10907ZC are for delivery of the products of conception and drainage of amniotic fluid, respectively. Patients that have high-risk pregnancies or a baby that may need special intervention can get specialized care at a children’s hospital.

Additional procedure codes on the list include those for circumcision (0VTTXZZ resection of prepuce, external approach), infant cardiac monitoring (4A1HXCZ monitoring of products of conception, cardiac rate, external approach), and respiratory intubation and mechanical ventilation (0BH17EZ insertion of endotracheal airway into trachea and 5A1955Z respiratory ventilation, greater than 96 consecutive hours).

Procedural data from the Atlas All-Payor Claims Dataset and facility information from HospitalView can help medical device and medical supply companies monitor trends and better target ideal accounts.

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