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Top 15 materials management vendors

As supply chain issues continue to impact businesses across the globe, healthcare organizations need effective technology solutions to help oversee the logistics and management of their materials. Materials management systems do just that, providing organizations with holistic views of their entire inventory and the life cycles of individual components from procurement to application.

We compiled a list of the top materials management systems vendors by number of installations. See which vendors made the list below.

Top 15 materials management vendors by installations

Rank Vendor # of installations Explore dataset
Infor 1,670 Explore
Oracle 886 Explore
MEDITECH 714 Explore
Allscripts 653 Explore
Evident a CPSI Company 530 Explore
Oracle Cerner 438 Explore
Proprietary Software 411 Explore
MEDHOST 225 Explore
Vista 161 Explore
10 SAP 133 Explore
11 Workday 100 Explore
12 Premier Inc 97 Explore
13 Smart Software Inc 70 Explore
14 Choice Systems Inc 69 Explore
15 Microsoft Corporation 34 Explore

Fig. 1 Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s HospitalView product. Data is accurate as of November 2022.

Top materials management vendors by % market share

Fig. 2 Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s HospitalView product. Data is accurate as of November 2022.

Which materials management system has the most installations?

Infor tops our list as the materials management vendor with the greatest number of installations. It has 1,670 installations and 25.7% of the market share. Oracle comes in second, with 886 system installs and 13.6% of the market share. MEDITECH is third, with 714 system installs and 11.0% of the market share.

Interestingly, many of the material management software systems on the list are also among the top ambulatory EHR vendors by market share.

What is materials management?

Materials management is a supply chain management function that is dedicated to controlling and regulating the flow of goods and materials. It also evaluates a variety of variables, such as price, demand, quality, delivery schedules, and availability.

Healthcare materials management might involve determining the number of supplies and equipment—like medications or hospital beds—needed for a hospital. Materials management also requires healthcare organizations to assess products to ensure high-quality standards are maintained.

What services does a materials management vendor provide?

Materials management vendors provide technology solutions that digitally manage supply chain processes. Materials management systems let healthcare organizations more effectively process inventory, make decisions, optimize the flow of goods, and deliver to customers.

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