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Top 5 molecular diagnostic systems by market share

As patients seek more personalized care options, molecular diagnostics will play an increasingly bigger role in delivering care. Receiving data from those tests is crucial for making informed care decisions based on the results.

In this Healthcare Insight, we look at the top five vendors of laboratory information systems for molecular diagnostics by market share.

Top laboratory information systems for molecular diagnostics

RankVendor# of installs% of market shareExplore dataset
1Oracle Cerner55736.55%Explore
2Epic Systems Corporation37924.87%Explore
3Sunquest Information Systems 30920.80%Explore
4SCC Soft Computer1077.20%Explore

Fig 1. - Data from Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product. Data is propriety and updated on a continuous basis. Data accurate as of August 2022.

Which vendors have the largest market share for molecular diagnostic system technology?

Based on the number of installs, Oracle Cerner holds just over one-third of the current market for molecular diagnostic systems. Epic System comes in second place with nearly a quarter of the market, with Sunquest Information Systems coming in third. The top three vendors account for 82% of the current market.

Epic Systems Corporation has gained some market share since 2019 as they were in third place that year. In 2019, Cerner took first place and Sunquest Information Systems took second place. Cerner (now Oracle Cerner) has also grown its market share slightly, up three percentage points from 2019.

As two of the largest electronic health record vendors (EHRs), Epic and Oracle Cerner are likely popular vendors as their solutions allow for easier integration of molecular diagnostic data into the patient record.

Is there room for growth in the molecular diagnostics systems market?

There is still room for new entrants and other vendors to grow their market share as most hospitals do not currently have a molecular diagnostic system in place.

In fact, according to data from our HospitalView product, only 1,524 hospitals have a solution installed, although number of installs has grown  15% since 2019.

That leaves nearly 80% of the market without a molecular diagnostic solution in place. As more hospitals begin leveraging precision medicine in their facilities, we expect to see market share shift in the next five to 10 years.

What is a laboratory information system (LIS)?

A laboratory information system (LIS) is a technology platform that processes, manages and stores patient data related to laboratory processing and tests. A LIS plays an important role in coordinating the workflow and quality control of medical testing. Most LIS can send lab orders for analysis, receive test orders, check quality, track orders and test results, and send results from tests to EHRs.

What is molecular diagnostics?

Molecular diagnostics is a field of study that leverages laboratory testing to analyze biomarkers in a patient’s genome to detect genomic variants. In essence, molecular diagnostics helps providers understand how your genes impact your healthcare and plays an important role in precision medicine initiatives, particularly in oncology.

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