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Definitive Healthcare defines a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) as an entity that provides skilled nursing care in an inpatient setting. A SNF must have a transfer agreement in place with hospitals in case a patient requires emergency, restorative, or rehabilitation under the supervision of licensed staff. The growing population of elderly and their higher share of overall health spending have made skilled nursing care an increasingly important part of the healthcare continuum.

The following list includes the top 50 Skilled Nursing Facilities by Total Medicare Payments.

Of the top 50 with the highest medicare payments, 58% were located in New York state, including eight in the top 10. The states with the subsequent most frequent representations were New Jersey with six, Illinois with five, and California with four appearances.

The total list represents over $760 million in received Medicare payments. There was the $19 million range of total payments represented on the list with the top SNF receiving nearly $31 million and the 50th receiving $11.6 million.

Top 50 SNFs by Total Medicare Payments:

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Skilled Nursing Facility NameStateDefinitive IDTotal Medicare
Payment Amount
Net Patient
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1.Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing CenterNY563899$30,958,756$86,726,175Explore This Profile
2.Boro Park CenterNY561497$27,471,000$97,508,911Explore This Profile
3.Northwell Health Stern Family Center for RehabilitationNY579077$24,353,262NAExplore This Profile
4.The Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly HillsCA562979$20,442,940$26,244,317Explore This Profile
5.Dry Harbor Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterNY565288$18,516,173$55,188,115Explore This Profile
6.Menorah Center for Rehab and Nursing CareNY565179$18,124,409$72,026,514Explore This Profile
7.Cadia Healthcare of HyattsvilleMD569950$18,114,110$46,334,158Explore This Profile
8.Shore View Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterNY564047$17,172,997$45,214,955Explore This Profile
9.Our Lady of Consolation Nursing & Rehabilitative Care CenterNY565294$17,007,971$54,161,018Explore This Profile
10.Haym Salomon Home Nursing and RehabilitationNY570047$16,417,953$42,482,664Explore This Profile
11.ManorCare Health Services - Palos Heights EastIL567782$16,117,314$20,960,023Explore This Profile
12.Amsterdam Nursing HomeNY566125$16,104,011$62,150,034Explore This Profile
13.Gurwin Jewish Geriatric Center Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterNY565271$16,088,838$83,992,273Explore This Profile
14.Momentum at South Bay for Rehabilitation and NursingNY564475$15,939,829$28,705,217Explore This Profile
15.The Addington at Wellington GreenFL578239$15,803,510$23,275,607Explore This Profile
16.Hackensack Meridian Health Subacute Rehab at WallNJ572922$15,670,021$27,167,776Explore This Profile
17.The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and Healing CenterNY564049$15,491,569$78,127,421Explore This Profile
18.ArchCare at Mary Manning Walsh HomeNY566110$15,322,812$59,501,241Explore This Profile
19.ManorCare Health Services - Walnut CreekCA568769$15,219,366$24,949,619Explore This Profile
20.Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care & Rehab Skilled NursingNY566120$14,845,338$86,255,317Explore This Profile
21.Bensonhurst Center for Rehabilitation and HealthcareNY563876$14,752,706$34,796,317Explore This Profile
22.Warren Barr Pavilion Gold CoastIL573390$14,576,691$27,011,979Explore This Profile
23.St Catherine of Siena Nursing & Rehabilitation Care CenterNY579085$14,563,627NAExplore This Profile
24.The Rehab Center of BakersfieldCA568207$14,557,492$21,058,501Explore This Profile
25.Village Care Rehabilitation & Nursing CenterNY566217$14,351,287$31,818,655Explore This Profile
26.Alaris Health at Hamilton ParkNJ562803$14,219,180$30,104,228Explore This Profile
27.Belair Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterNY566413$14,017,744$22,291,248Explore This Profile
28.PowerBack Rehabilitation Route 73NJ579014$14,010,244$23,470,695Explore This Profile
29.St James Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterNY563813$13,977,827$36,480,284Explore This Profile
30.Life Care Center of South HillWA841783$13,932,562$16,585,424Explore This Profile
31.Brookhaven Health Care FacilityNY563882$13,782,096$28,824,606Explore This Profile
32.Glen Cove Center for NursingNY564448$13,665,738$25,365,280Explore This Profile
33.Huntington Hills Center for Health and RehabilitationNY571014$13,587,868$47,852,382Explore This Profile
34.Workmens Circle MultiCare CenterNY563651$13,421,166$77,849,685Explore This Profile
35.Bethel Health and Rehabilitation CenterCT565189$13,005,457$24,654,425Explore This Profile
36.PowerBack Rehabilitation MoorestownNJ825813$12,971,868$22,350,201Explore This Profile
37.Whitehall North LlcIL573186$12,923,032$26,388,081Explore This Profile
38.Highland Care CenterNY563871$12,891,067$45,056,848Explore This Profile
39.Cold Spring Hills Center for Nursing and RehabilitationNY572262$12,860,656$92,329,085Explore This Profile
40.Carillon Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterNY570944$12,809,390$44,729,576Explore This Profile
41.North Westchester Restorative TherapyNY571658$12,557,159$20,215,658Explore This Profile
42.Lutheran Home Skilled NursingIL569324$12,390,646$46,366,952Explore This Profile
43.ManorCare Health Services - HinsdaleIL567818$12,147,888$22,936,079Explore This Profile
44.CareOne at WallNJ570378$12,102,242$20,585,024Explore This Profile
45.Hebrew Home of Greater WashingtonMD572912$11,982,010$59,143,721Explore This Profile
46.Glengariff Care CenterNY564046$11,950,578$34,887,216Explore This Profile
47.Melbourne Terrace Rehabilitation CenterFL567601$11,886,062$20,234,044Explore This Profile
48.Smith Ranch Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterCA562426$11,800,010$10,141,668Explore This Profile
49.Sheepshead Nursing & RehabNY563914$11,646,595$33,625,434Explore This Profile
50.Heartland Health Care Center - OaklandMI562296$11,641,802$20,653,173Explore This Profile

Fig 1. Net Patient Revenue Financial data for SNF cost report period ending 12/31/2018. Data is from October 2019 Medicare Cost Report
release; the next scheduled Medicare Cost Report release is January 2020. Financial data from SNF PUF file period ending 12/31/2016.
“Charges and Payments” data is from September 2016 CMS SNF Utilization and Payment Public Use File.