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25 skilled nursing corporations ranked by net patient revenue

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) provide crucial care and support to an aging U.S. population. Even as the government has incentivized a shift to home care—and patients show a preference to receive services like physical therapy and palliative care at home—rising vaccination rates among the elderly are boosting SNF occupancy and revenue.

What is a skilled nursing facility?

A skilled nursing facility is a type of long-term care facility that provides rehabilitation services to senior patients, those with life-limiting disabilities, and hospital patients recovering from surgeries. SNFs employ a range of healthcare professionals to provide physical, speech, and occupational therapy services, among various other medical support services.

Of the active SNF corporations in our database, we used LongTermCareView to compile a list showing the top 25 organizations ranked by net patient revenue (NPR). Net patient revenue is the amount of money generated from patient services from sources such as commercial insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare. It is a standard for measuring the financial performance of healthcare organizations.

Read on to see the 25 highest-earning SNF corporations.

Top skilled nursing corporations ranked by net patient revenue

RankSkilled nursing facility State Definitive ID Net patient revenue Explore dataset
1The Ensign Group CA 581975 $3,350,136,023  Explore
2Genesis HealthCare PA 582194 $2,633,675,400  Explore
3Providence Administrative Consulting Services - PACS (AKA Providence Group) UT 849843 $2,590,864,259  Explore
4Life Care Centers of America TN 582066 $1,953,175,516  Explore
5LCS (AKA Life Care Services) IA 581987 $1,423,211,645  Explore
6Centers Health Care NY 582428 $1,153,824,257  Explore
7Trilogy Health Services LLC KY 582145 $1,153,002,872  Explore
8Saber Healthcare Group OH 582131 $1,105,630,423  Explore
9Complete Care Management NJ 1001411 $1,058,410,053  Explore
10Marquis Health Services NJ 865713 $1,010,611,384  Explore
11The Portopiccolo Group NJ 1053324 $906,139,423  Explore
12Ciena Healthcare MI 581989 $901,428,080  Explore
13Autumn Lake Healthcare NJ 833201 $873,563,404  Explore
14Citadel Care Centers NY 902844 $864,499,668  Explore
15PruittHealth GA 582207 $850,793,497  Explore
16CareRite Centers NJ 865712 $846,951,974  Explore
17Legacy Healthcare IL 776997 $805,719,482  Explore
18Brius Healthcare CA 916939 $784,546,163  Explore
19National HealthCare Corporation TN 581976 $777,534,424  Explore
20Infinity Healthcare Management IL 833484 $707,432,210  Explore
21American Senior Communities IN 581981 $696,138,469  Explore
22Good Samaritan Society - National Campus (AKA the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society) SD 582013 $686,632,141  Explore
23Creative Solutions In Healthcare TX 916803 $673,848,944  Explore
24Prestige Healthcare Management KY 1053632 $647,656,448  Explore
25Medical Facilities of America VA 585421 $643,992,725 Explore

Fig 1. Data from LongTermCareView is sourced from the October 2023 Medicare Cost Report release. Data is accurate as of March 2024.

Which skilled nursing corporations earned the highest NPR in 2023?

The Ensign Group, based in California, tops our list with about $3.35 billion in NPR in 2023. This corporation has been a major part of the massive wave of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity seen across the SNF space over the past few years. Notably, The Ensign Group was involved in 21 M&A news stories tracked between 2019 and 2024. Their considerable revenue may translate into aggressive deal-making.

Pennsylvania-based Genesis HealthCare is second on our list of top skilled nursing corporations, with $2.23 billion in NPR. Based on its facility profile in LongTermCareView, Genesis HealthCare has 241 skilled nursing facilities and 29 assisted living facilities within its network.

Third on our list is Providence Administrative Consulting Services (PACS). Based out of Utah, this corporation had a net patient revenue of approximately $2.59 billion in 2023. According to our data, there are 168 SNFs and seven assisted living facilities within PACS’ network.

Collectively, the top 25 SNF corporations have more than $29 billion in net patient revenue as of 2023. The average NPR per SNF corporation is about $70 million.

How many SNFs are there in the U.S.?

Definitive Healthcare tracks more than 16,700 active skilled nursing facilities, 1,917 of which are owned by corporations. The number of SNFs in each state varies greatly, as some states have more than 1,000 SNFs and other states have fewer than 30. The overall average of SNFs per state is 367.

How do skilled nursing facilities differ from assisted living facilities?

SNFs tend to offer more intensive medical care than assisted living facilities and are usually a temporary measure for patients who require post-discharge care following an inpatient hospital stay. These facilities aim to help patients recover until they’re well enough to return home.

Under Medicare, patients are covered for up to 100 days in an SNF. Private insurance usually also covers care for short-term inpatient stays at an SNF.

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