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Top 10 long-term care organizations in the news for mergers and acquisitions

Healthcare facility mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are changing the landscape of the U.S. market. Consolidations continue across all firm types. While these moves help increase market share and streamline supply chains for the provider organizations, patients often find reduced choices in care providers and potentially increasing out-of-pocket costs.

What segment of the healthcare market is seeing the most M&A activity?

M&A activity is strong in the long-term care market, especially as the United States’ population continues to age. Between 2017 and August 2021, Definitive Healthcare recorded over 1,100 news stories across about 860 assisted living, home health, hospice and skilled nursing facilities. In comparison, there were about 1,900 health system and hospital M&A news stories in the same timeframe.

The following table lists the top ten long-term care organizations with the most merger and acquisition news stories tracked by Definitive Healthcare between 2017 and 2021.

Long-term care organizations in the news for M&A activity

RankOrganization nameNumber of M&A news storiesExplore dataset
1The Ensign Group27Explore
2Brookdale Senior Living14Explore
4Traditions Health 9Explore
5ProMedica Senior Care8Explore
6Marquis Health Services 6Explore
7MBK Senior Living6Explore
8Genesis Healthcare6Explore
9Meridian Senior Living6Explore
10Addus Homecare6Explore

Fig. 1 Data is from Definitive Healthcare LongTermCareVirew product. News and intelligence data is proprietary and updated daily. Data accurate as of September 2021.

Which long-term care organizations have the most news stories on M&A?

The Ensign Group tops the list with 27 merger and acquisition news stories. Brookdale Senior Living is second with 14 and AccentCare rounds out the top three with ten M&A news stories over the past several years.

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