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Top 5 types of industry collaborations

Teamwork is an essential part of life. Especially in a tightening economic environment, effective collaboration is critical for life science companies to bring products to market quickly.

Industry collaborations is the term used to describe the relationship between a medical or scientific expert and a medical device or pharmaceutical company.  These collaborations often take the form of co-authored publications, lead investigators in clinical trials or industry payments.  Understanding and analyzing these relationships is an important factor for medical affairs and commercial teams to consider as it helps them identify and prioritize which scientific and medical experts to engage.  Additionally, having visibility into an expert’s industry collaborations allows life science companies to gain competitive intelligence by understanding the experts and types of collaborations industry experts are working on with the competitive brands.

The following table lists the top five industry collaborations of how medical and scientific experts work with companies. We analyzed 13 million experts from the Monocl Expert Suite to obtain this data, including grants, industry payments, publications and clinical trials.

Top 5 types of industry collaborations

Rank Collaboration type Number of expertsExplore dataset
Industry payments received 1,232,713 Explore
Company name mentions 993,654 Explore
Co-authored publications 823,686 Explore
Co-authored presentations 203,245 Explore
Sponsored clinical trials 153,853 Explore

Fig. 1 – Data is from the Monocl ExpertInsight product, accessed December 2022.

Why are industry collaborations important in healthcare?

Identifying industry collaborations provides insight into the healthcare industry’s ongoing trends and upcoming developments. By analyzing collaborations across the industry, healthcare organizations can understand who the leading experts in a particular therapeutic area are, whether they are working with your competition, and which types of collaborations are drawing the greatest attention.

What are the most common types of industry collaborations?

Industry payments identifies experts that have received and disclosed payments from a company.  There are currently over 1.2M experts in the US that have received financial compensation for work that has been completed on behalf of a company.

Globally, nearly 1M experts have mentioned a company by name, making it the second most common type of collaboration.  An expert identifies a company that they have worked with by name in titles and/or abstract of his/her research activities.

Co-authoring publications and presentations are the next most common activity. 823,686 experts have authored publications where at least one of the other authors was affiliated with a company at the time of publication.  Similarly, 203,245 experts globally have authored a meeting presentation where at least one of the other authors was affiliated with a company at the time of the presentation.

Rounding out the top five most common industry collaborations is the sponsoring of clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies aimed at evaluating a medical, surgical, or behavioral intervention. This is the primary way that researchers find out if a new treatment, drug, or medical device is safe and effective in people.  Identifying experts as investigators of a clinical trial sponsored by a company allows you to identify emerging trends from the competition as well as which experts they are aligned with closely.

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