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Webinar: From The Front Lines: How Pharma And Biotech Firms Apply Data-Driven Strategies To Sell Into Healthcare

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In this webinar, we’ll explore how our biotech and pharma clients apply data-driven strategies when selling into healthcare.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Connect addressable market to strategy development
  • Discover how patient journey analytics can inform your targeting tactics 
  • Understand how to turn data into insights to maximize your value proposition 


About the Presenter: Maggie Fortune

Enterprise Account Executive at Definitive Healthcare

Maggie Fortune brings nearly a decade of hands-on sales and consulting experience in the healthcare sector. She helps life science companies hone their sales and marketing strategies through a strong foundation in research and data, and a rich understanding of the factors impacting the healthcare market.



About Definitive Healthcare

Definitive Healthcare is the number one healthcare data and analytics platform, delivering information on every care provider in the U.S. Based on 3 billion+ medical and Rx claims, the platform empowers users to analyze referral patterns, financial metrics, clinical data, HCAHPs scores, and other data on hospitals, physicians, medical groups, IDNs, surgery centers, long-term care facilities, and others. Request a free trial to explore the platform.